Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last week and this one

Wow, what a last seven days it's been!  Last Tuesday I was at the Schott watching Ohio State/Penn State men's BB game marking the closest I've ever been to Erin Andrews (80 yards or so, nothing too special).  Two notes about that babygame; she really doesn't do much at all and she doesn't walk, she struts.  Regarding the first part of that statement, she just sort of sits in the student section for a while, jumps up, does a quick interview at the half, sits some more, then does another short piece or two and the game is over.  I've never seen someone carry herself the way she does, each step is like an enticing dance that makes you stare at her even though there's a game going on.  Also in attendance that night was blogger Club Trillion.  The tension in the air between the two of us was so thick you could cut it with a piece of stone sharpened by Bear Grylls.  Columbus' two greatest bloggers in the same building for the first time ever.  The 12,000 in attendance were honored by our presence.

Carmelo Anthony gets benched vs. Detroit for refusing to come out of a game last week.  If I'm honest, I don't see why this is such a big deal.  I understand the insubordination aspect of the situation, but wouldn't you want your best player to want to be in the game?  I've seen the other side and it's terrible when guys refuse to get in the game or even dress, but Melo is a competitor and he wants to play, I bench him to start, but not for a whole game if I'm George Karl.  Also, if I'm George Karl, I also weigh about 150 lbs more than I do now.

My normal inclination would be to dislike the Celtics because they represent Boston.  I don't waste time hating them since it's not like the Knicks can hold their jocks, but now that they picked up Stephon Marbury, I will overtly distaste them.  Let me paint a picture of you if Starbury is able to win a ring this year with the Celts:
Really hot girl grows up right around the corner from you, all everyone talks about how money she is, then she goes far away to college.  After that, she starts dating some guys across the country, including a guy from your rival high school.  Everyone from back home is pulling for her to do well.  She has her ups and downs, often bringing a lot to the table individually but never really able to get the relationship to the next level.  Finally, she comes back home to be with you after a rough breakup out west.  Yeah,  she's screwed around with a few different guys and it never seemed to work out, but this will be different she tells you.  It's fun at first, but then she starts doing the same thing as she had done before, leading every guy before you to get sick of her.  It's an abusive situation and you quit talking to her for a while, even though you are still officially together.  It takes you some time, but you finally get the stones to break up with her.  You feel good about it, but then the rumours that she has been talking to some other guy were confirmed when you see them together.  After breaking you down and hurting you for four years, she just falls into the lap of a freaking celebrity, who's on top of his field and has a ton of cool friends.  He takes this terrible person places she's never been and it looks like it might actually work out.  You're now stuck in a below average lifestyle, waiting for 2010 when this one hottie from the Midwest is supposedly gonna move to your neighborhood.

Last weekend, I made a trip down to Conway, SC to visit baby bro at his college, Coastal Carolina University.  I enjoyed myself immensely, but was confused by one aspect of the weekend.  Saturday night we went to a house party and guys had to pay $5 at the door to get in.  This is apparently the norm down there, but I was flabbergasted, only hearing of parties like this, never actually encountering one in person.  Check out the new poll regarding this topic.

I'll be heading down to Miami University for Green Beer Day 2k9, so expect some stories later this week as I partake in the 60-year old college tradition.

I thought he was from Atlanta, so why would they name a basketball court after him in South Carolina?

Love this new Dick's Sporting Goods commercial with Jimmy Rollins.  Also, a note of caution, if you are ever looking to go to their website to peep some sneakers or whatever, make sure you do not make the mistake of going to  ABSOLUTELY the wrong website.

Word of the week: vacillate, meaning to be undecided or unsure about something.  Use it, love it.


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  1. sucks that the hottie from the midwest doesn't need to move to your neighborhood to achieve the status of a global icon.....she already is. And a hottie like that doesn't leave an A-List celebrity for a hobo.