Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 MLB Playoff Predictions

WildCard Showdown
Man, I almost wish the Yankees were playing in that because it sounds much more exciting than AL Divisional Series. Nah, just kidding, WildCards are for suckers. 

Rangers over Orioles, 6-4
Cardinals over Braves, 3-2

Divisional Series
Or is it Division Series, I'm not really sure. Either way, it will be interesting with the new BBAAA format with B being the lower seed. The previous AABBA schedule was the norm for nearly 20 years of Divisional play. I think a dream scenario for the higher seeds is ABBAA. What do the hotels and airlines think of this with one less flight? The higher seeded teams sure don't like it from a business side because they only have one guaranteed home game in the first round.

Reds over Giants in 5
Cardinals over Nationals in 4

Yankees over Rangers in 4
Athletics over Tigers in 4

Championship Series 
Should this not actually be called the Pennant Series? You don't win the real Championship, only the League Championship, which is commonly referred to as the Pennant. I guess in the NFL they call it the AFC and NFC Championship Game, but in NHL and NBA it's dubbed the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. I like that better, but Pennant would be unique and baseball loves being unique.

Yankees over Athletics in 6
Cardinals over Reds in 6

World Series
So cocky. Only one team outside of America could possibly play in the series and we've proven over the last few World Baseball Classics that America isn't even the best baseball country on the planet. Whatever, part of being American is being overconfident, so I'm down with it.

Yankees over Cardinals in 6*

*did you expect me to pick another team to win it???