Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday is Out of Control

I'm from NY, so I read the Post online virtually every day.  During today's perusal, I saw this story: Man Trampled by Shoppers.  I would advise against watching the video, it's not the actual stampede, but the EMTs trying to revive him (pretty disturbing).  The poor guy was trying to hold back the crowd at a Long Island Wal-Mart before the store opened and then boatloads of deal-seekers went nuts trying to get a Wii or iPod or something Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana.  Rescue workers tried their best to save this guy, but he died in a nearby hospital around an hour later.

How much is a deep discount worth?  I've never understood the point of getting up that early to go stand in the cold with a bunch of other people to save some money and get my shopping done early.  Now, I don't have any kids yet, so maybe I will be like this someday (if you're reading this and see me at a store at 4 am in a few years, please take me out on the spot), but I can never understand shoving someone out of the way or running them over to be the first to the Tickle Me Elmo display.

Not much information has been released on the victim so far, but it should be soon and I just hope he isn't a father of young kids.  Speaking of kids, he wasn't the only victim of the day.  A 28-year old PREGNANT woman was shoved as well and had to be treated for undisclosed injuries.  Come on people.  I don't care if there was one Nintendo DS left and my wife told me she would leave me and my kids said they would disown me if I didn't get one, I wouldn't shove a preggo.  

I don't know who's fault this is and I don't attempt to blame anyone, but somewhere along the line, somebody screwed up when a man dies so hordes of people can get a deal.  Congratulations, you got a 42-inch HDTV for under 700 bucks, while this family will have the memory of their dead father/son/brother/cousin/uncle and an empty seat at the Thanksgiving table.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Crunch Time

Attention Fantasy Footballers of the world, this is either your first week of the playoffs or you are battling for a seed, spot, or hopefully regular season championship money!

Turkey Day Lovers and Losers

Titans @ Lions - Game is at 12:30 so for all you party goers tonight, make sure that your roster is set becuase you probs won't wake up.

Start-Chris "Predator" Johnson, Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, Lendale White, Bo Scaife (only in must start TE's league), Titans D. If you are starting anyone else that is playing in this game then you are probably not making the playoffs - Am I right?

Seachickens @ Cowboys - Basically play anyone you want if they have a star on their helmet except for Patrick Crayton because he just can't catch. Again, if you are starting anyone that plays for the hawks, I ask you this question, WHY?

Cards @ Eagles - The Cards are one of the worst road teams in the NFL and for some reason Jesse thinks you should take them this week, not sure why.

Start - McNabb (yes, I said it. He will play like he has something to prove, because he does). Also play, Westbrook if he's healthy, TD vulture Timmy Hightower, Captain Kurt, Fitzy, Boldin, LJ Smith (when a QB needs to find himself again they always look to the big TE going down the seems). Lastly, if you have either D/ST I would keep them on the bench, something tells me this game will go over the total, which is good news for lots of points in fantasy.

Depending on how deep your league is you may want to start Breaston, Curtis, Jackson, and Baskett.

Enjoy the time with family and friends and eat lots of Turkey. My picks for the day of football:

Tennessee (-12.5) over Detroit
-If you look at their common opponents and score differential, this shouldn't be close. Some media outlets are saying it might be time to stop awarding the terrible Lions a Thanksgiving Day game and I agree. Stop torturing America, Detroit.

Arizona (-3.5) over Philadelphia
-McNabb's confidence has to be shattered with seven turnovers in his last six quarters and that embarrassing benching last week. On a short week, look for Warner and the boys to light it up.

Seattle (+10.5) over Dallas
-Dallas has only won by two scores (or more) three times this year and Seattle has started to hang tough the last month or so. The Seahawks have lost their last three games by a combined nine points (all to playoff caliber teams in the Dolphins, Redskins and Cardinals) . Look for Seattle to play it close but the 'Boys will win this one by a TD.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cavs vs. Knicks tonight at MSG

I've been talking about LeBron to NYC for months to friends of mine that root for the Cavs and Knicks. Last week, the probability of this actually happening increased exponentially after Knicks' Prez Donnie Walsh made two big trades clearing cap space for the Summer of (Lebron) 2010. Out were Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph's big money (along with Mardy Collins, who hasn't brought anything to the table since fouling JR Smith...and in are Al Harrington, Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas. Big gamble by Donnie seeing as Crawford and Z-Bo were the team's top two scorers and flourishing in Coach Mike D'Antoni's fast-paced offense. Hopefully Walsh and the mustache man can keep the players and fans motivated for another 582 days until Bron Bron can officially become a Knick.

The best news about these trades and what will convince LBJ to wear blue and orange in two years is the fact that Walsh cleared enough money to sign not just one, but TWO players to max contracts. They can call LeBron and offer him buckets of money and ask him who else from the 2008 Olympic team he wants to play with. Wade? Bosh? Stoudemire?

It will be an antsy couple of years for Knicks and Cavs fans. I don't see him going anywhere but NY, if he leaves at all. The Nets won't be in Brooklyn by then, so he's not moving to East Rutherford, Detroit is out, not big enough of a market, and with Kobe in LA and Jordan's shadow in Chicago, I think LBJ goes to the big city or stays at home.

Here are the shoes James will be debuting tonight at the World's Most Famous Arena. Take note as these are his second NY themed kicks. He wore ones with Yankee pinstripes the last time he was at the Garden.


appropriate poem for the holiday


Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving, and all through the barWere your old High School classmates, returning home from afar.Their hands were double-fisting and their faces were a smile,In hopes to avoid the parental convos for a while.Hurdling towards black-out, you and your friendsOrdering shots by the round, maxing out to no end.Drinking Captain and Jack, Jaeger and BeerAll in the hopes that sobriety would no longer be here.

The local tavern so dark, transformed for the night.Into a college meet-market for the young drinker's delight.Blackout Wednesday is here with booze on the minds,Of every young coed, huddled crowded inside.In the corner, the jocks, recall their old glory days,As they rubbed their beer guts and yelled 'man, you're so gay'.They pounded their fists on the bar, which raised such a clatter,That the barkeep soon rushed over to see what was the matter.The guys all got quiet, the whole bar turned to view,As the barman got mad and pointed to the crew."If you drunks don't quit it," he said with such class,"I'm gonna come over there, and beat on your ass".

The once popular girls, not so 'in' anymore,Had adopted new names, like fat-ass and whore.On, Kiki! On, Taylor! On, Catherine and Justine!You all went to college and gained the freshman fifteen.But Jessica, how you changed. You once were so flat.Now your curves are so kicking, your chest is so stacked.Hey Jess, here's my number. I know it's been long,But I think dinner's in order, while we're both still at home.

But Jeff, oh he's turning, his face a shade greenClear the way to the bathroom, if you know what I mean.Hey Rob, let's get going. I'm all out of cash.We've all drank too much, pretty soon we'll just crash.He called up a cab, and it soon would be here,the license plate said Fresh and had a dice in the mirror.My money spent on drinks, so Rob paid the fare,And I thought yo forget it, I'm drunk I don't care.

I returned to my home and climbed into bed,as visions of Jessica bounced through my head.College is awesome, don't get me wrong about that.But Thanksgiving parties are rad; straight up, yo true fact.In the morning I'd gorge, on football and fowl,but for now I'll just sleep off this hangover a-while.Outside Rob called, as the cab sped out of sight,"Hey douche, best get ready. We're going out tomorrow night!"

Poem can be found at in the extra mustard column 11/25/2008

streak em

Now only if this guy would have visited our blog last night he would have 1 million more dollars in his bank account. What a bum he is. Did he really pick the Pack because Aaron Rodgers was from his hometown, I certainly hope not.


Tuesday Morning

Goodmorning all-

The Saints laid the wood to the Pack last night. Drew Bress had a monster fantasy day along with Lance Moore. Brees was 20/26 for 323 yards and 4 TD's. The win improves their record to 6-5 and the Packers have now fallen below .500 and sit at 5-6.

I don't know how many of you go to extra mustard at, but they had a couple of Pics up of Stacy Keibler and she is pretty damn hot.

Entourage is over until Summer 2009, it was a slow start to the season but I must say the last episode is worth watching several times. Vinny is Back Baby!!!!!

No matter what happens in the BCS, the two teams that would make up the best championship game would be Florida vs. USC.

Cuttino Mobley is doing everything in his power to keep LeBron out of NYC.

Every now and then I will post a Tale of the Tape and compare a couple of peeps. Today will be Barck Obama and Doug Williams

Biggest Accomplishment:

BO: 1st African-American President

DW:1st African-American to win the Superbowl

Biggest Rival:

BO: The Clintons

DW: The Cowboys

Favorite Number:

BO: 44

DW: 17

Margin of Victory:

BO: 200

DW: 32

Memorable Defeat:

BO: John McCain

DW: John Elway

Running Mate:

BO: Joe Biden

DW: Joe Gibbs

How did they Get there:

BO: Debates

DW: Playoffs


Monday, November 24, 2008


We're going to talk about sports, music, movies, TV, women, money and whatever else crosses our minds when we're sitting at the computer. We'll each post a few times a week at the least and try to keep things entertaining for you every day. Trivia and contests will be added as often as possible as well. Mikey and Jesse started to write this because we spent enough time at each others' desks talking about this sort of stuff.

Expect to see some predictions, some gambling and fantasy tips, along with rankings, opinions and reviews. We're both really into music, so that will be a frequent topic. We played sports in HS, neither of us had the skills to carry it any further than intramural at the college level. If you don't like my writing, you might like Mikey's. We don't talk or write the same, we come from different parts of the country, went to different colleges and got to working together in different ways. Mikey is more unbiased, whereas you'll find out Jesse's favorite teams after a post or two.

If you don't like what we're talking about, please comment. If there is something that you would like for us to talk about, tell us @ Enjoy, check back daily as we'll update often. If you love it or can't stand it, tell your buddies to check out the blog too.

Oh, the name? We're both Italian, so naturally we love pasta and meatballs about as much as anything. Plus we get called clowns almost every day, so there's a goofiness quality that we bring to the table on the daily.

-Jesse G and Mikey P

By the way our picks for the evening...

Jesse- Saints (-3) over Pack. Mikey- Saints and the over (52.5)