Wednesday, December 31, 2008

prison thriller

I'm not sure why I'm posting this except for the fact that I find it pretty cool, it has over 2 million views and Michael Jackson is the best artist of all time.


Playoff Preview, Pt. 2

After the Wild Card teams beat up on each other, they get the chance to face the well rested top two seeded teams in each conference. No other major American sport (team or individual) has such a big advantage. Imagine the Celtics getting to skip the first round of the NBA playoffs or Roger Federer getting to go straight to round 2 of Wimbledon . I bet the Yankees would have a couple more 'ships in the 2000s if they could have just skipped the ALDS.

In the first AFC matchup of the Divisional Round, I have the top seeded Titans hosting their fellow AFC South member Colts. They split the season series* (not really though since Tennessee wasn't really playing week 17), and while the Titans have the better record and are playing at home, the Colts are one of the three hottest teams in the league (BAL, MIA). I could see Manning leading the horseshoe-helmets to a win, but that image is a bit fuzzy. What's more clear is Albert Haynesworth dominating the line and pressuring Peyton into an ill-advised toss that ends up in Cortland Finnegan's hands. Titans win this one, making Peyton the first Manning to go home this season.

The other AFC game will involve my Miami Dolphins travel to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers. The Clocktower will look to come back strong from a 'mild 'concussion suffered in a worthless game against the Cleveland Clowns in week 17. I think he'll play well and look just as crisp as he has been most of the season. After all, he did go to Miami University and we know how tough Redhawks are. To maintain the integrity of my picks, I have to tell my heart and gut to shut up and pick the Steelers in another defensive, low-scoring game. If I had a vote, CP gets mine for Comeback Player of the year and he's probably 3rd or 4th on my MVP ballot.

In the NFC, as I see it, Atlanta takes on Carolina in Charlotte in another inter-divisional game. These two split the season series as well, with the home team winning each time. I'll look for that trend to continue and pick the Bayou Boy and the Panthers to take it to the Falcons. Nothing to be ashamed of here with the Falcons having arguably as big a turnaround this season as the Fins did.

Lastly, in the third matchup of teams that know each other well I have the Iggles and Jints. This one will be played in Jersey and the defending champs will be rested after locking up the top spot a couple of weeks ago and the benefit of the bye. The road team came out on top both times they played this season, but this is the playoffs. I like the G-Men at home as they continue on the road to defend their championship and PROTECT THIS HOUSE!

Check back in 2009 for the Conference Championship and Super Bowl Preview. Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prediction Review and a Playoff Preview, Pt. 1

Let's take a look back at my pre-week 14 playoff picks.  

I had the NFC like this: New York Giants, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Arizona, Carolina, Atlanta
and the AFC like this: Tennessee, Pittsburgh, New York Jets, Denver, Indianapolis, Miami.

Here's a look at the actual playoff picture.  I was 9/12 on the teams , but just 6/12 on the seeds.  Not very impressive, I know.  Let's hope my playoff prediction goes better.

Playoff Preview

During the Wild Card round, I have the Colts over the Chargers, even with an EST team traveling to the westsiiiiide.  Mr. Laser Rocket Arm has tossed 17 TDs to just 3 INTs over the Colts' nine game winning streak.  Even more impressive, is he's doing it with Joseph Addai having a terrible year, missing four games and only rushing for 544 yards at a 3.5 YPC average. 

Next up, you know I have to pick Miami over Baltimore.  I know the birds beat the fish week 7, but that was with the old Chad Pennington.  Since then, he's led the club to a 9-1 record with a  13 to 4 TD-INT ratio.  Ronnie and Ricky won't get much accomplished against Ray Lewis and Co. so I think the D in Dolphins will stand for defense and Peezy hassles Flacco into a couple of mistakes.  Fins win a close, low scoring game at home!

In the NFC, I love Atlanta over Arizona (who doesn't?).  ROY Matt Ryan should have his best game since he went 16/23 for 248 yds and 2 TDs week 9 vs. New Orleans.  Kudos to Zona for hosting their first home playoff game since the Old Testament, but it will be over shortly after it starts.

Finally, in what looks to be the toughest pick of the week, I feel All Day will put on a show in his
playoff debut, but Tavaris Jackson will have some costly mistakes as the Vikings fall to the Eagles.  McNabb could go either way in this game, but he seems to be on a mission since his benching in week 12.  I go green in this matchup of mustached coaches.

Check back tomorrow for my Divisional Round Preview.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Screw You

Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. I was catching heat the last few days for not posting, but in the grand scheme of things who really gives a shit.

Apparently our meatball friend Lillo was influenced in the roles that he played. At least he didn't get charged for murder.

Stay off the roads in Dallas and not because the weather is bad.

San Diego vs. Denver in the flex game prime time matchup on NBC. Both these teams stink, but SD is on fire right now. Plus, Jay Cutler is a bum and will throw 3 picks in this game. If you think Denver has a chance to win, I say put your money where your mouth is because Vegas is begging you to bet Denver. They opened at 8.5 dogs! By kickoff, I expect that the Chargers are favored by 10 points.

Fins vs. Jets. Miami keeps winning, but they sure are flirting with a loss in these close games they play. I understand there is a large NY following on here, so I'm gonna give the people what they want to hear. Jets 24-17.

With those two predictions here are my seeds in the AFC

1. Titans
2. Steelers
3. Patriots
4. Chargers
5. Colts
6. Ravens (they won't lose to JAX at home)

Eagles vs Boys. 2 weeks ago I would have said that the Eagles may win this game and find their way into the playoffs. Now I think that Dallas is going to roll all over these birds. Dallas wins easy and Eagle fans will be calling for corn on the kolb for christmas.

Minnesota vs G-men. The Giants locked up homefield so they will probably rest players. The only reason why they may play hard, but doubtful is because they don't wanna see All Day running at them come playoff time. But, the Vikes will probably win this game easy.

Bears vs Texans. I can see the Texans winning this game. But, with the way they played against the lonely Raiders it is hard to pick them in this game. But, I'm gonna spice this up a bit and I really can't pick the Bears either. Texans win by 3.

Now my NFC seeds.

1. Giants
2. Panthers
3. Vikings
4. Cardinals (did they really make the playoffs?)
5. Falcons
6. Cowboys

Christmas Traditons (and links, obvi)

Everyone has their own traditions with their families, friends and maybe even coworkers or neighbors. A lot of the ones my mom's side of the family used to practice were lost a few years ago with the death of our family matriarch, my Grandma. I wanted to bring up a few of mine that you might be able to relate to. If you vibe with these, or even if you can't please comment/e-mail us to share your own.

Current traditions:
We open one gift on Christmas Eve. It should be a lesser present, not the main one that someone got you. Usually it ends up being a book or DVD, maybe an ornament for next year or a picture frame. This is typically from our parents since they normally get a couple small gifts along with a bigger one.

Stockings are usually filled with candy and some other trinkets. My mom puts said stocking on the pillow next to my head when I first wake up. This was gotten away from during my teen years, but mom ramped it back up for me and baby bro over the last few years.

Every single year that I can remember, we've had a Christmas tree in the living room of my house. Even when I was away at college we had a tree of some sort every Christmas but freshmen year. Over the last two years that I spent the bulk of the season in Dallas, we had two trees, one in the front hall/foyer and one upstairs in the landing. I am a proponent of real trees with needles that fall off at some point and you have to clean up after New Year's. Fake trees annoy me, as do colored lights on trees.

My college friend, Alex, has taken me to a Knicks game at the World's Most Famous Arena over the time I am back in New York for Christmas. December 26 vs. the Timberwolves will be the fourth year of this budding tradition of ours and the second year baby bro has come with. After the game I like to head to Rockefeller Center and get a look at the greatest Christmas tree in the world.

Past traditions:
My mom, stepdad, brother, aunts and uncles on that side and various family friends would go to my Grandma's house late morning and open gifts, stockings, play with our new presents and do other Christmas-related things until we ate. After digesting, my cousins, brother and I would bundle up and our Uncle Jeff would walk us up the hill past where my Nana used to live down the 'cul-de-sac' and to this one old couple's house where they would deck their garage out with the most amazing manger scene I've ever witnessed. It was especially fresh when it snowed.

This next one is more of a current tradition, but since my Nana will be in the City of Brotherly Love this Christmas it is on a one-year suspension. After spending the morning through early evening with my mom's side of the family, I've gone to my Nana's home - often with my two boys - since one of us has been old enough to drive.

Just like everyone else, I used to put out milk and cookies (sometimes brownies) for Santa and try to stay awake to catch him although I never did.

Some Links for the Holidays:
Two guys who are already injured are fighting in the weight room in Cleveland. Shouldn't they be in the rehab or training room? Also, Brady, how does it feel to get punched by a guy who weighs a Jonas Brother more than you?

My buddy from work, Spence, heard about this story on the radio this morning. What would drive this guy to shoot up a couple of cars in rush hour? I get upset but not, it's-time-to-start-busting-caps-upset.

What's with referees knocking down players this year? Las Vegas had no comment on the events.

Everyone loves some yule log in the fireplace.

Be sure to follow Santa's flight on Christmas Eve here.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Man in the (new) Big Ballpark in the Bronx

Look at how happy CC looks with the interlocking NY on his (straight, not tilted the side) hat. (photo from the LoHud Blog). He and AJ Burnett get introduced today at 1 pm. Here's a great read on the possibility of CC wearing more pinstripes than anyone else in Yankee history. One of my friends wrote that. By 'friend' I mean I met him once in the Big D and he tried on a jersey for a team I used to work for.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thoughts from Mikey

Part of me wanted the Yanks to sign Pettite, but since they finally signed their 5th starter, I'm not too upset to see him go.

Are there dumber people in the world? If so, will you please hang yourself. Thanks!

With the American Car industry in limbo, I thought this would be a good time to post this site that talks about the 10 cars that could save Detroit

Parts 3 & 4 of House of Saddam were not as good as 1 & 2 which was very disappointing.

Am I the only person who thinks Tony Kornheiser on MNF is absolutely atrocious? But I love him on PTI.

Remember the terrible Ed Hochuli call that involved S.D and Denver? Well, right now Denver is 8-6 and S.D is 6-8. If the correct call was made both would be 7-7 with a matchup in week 17 for the division. And this.

Grapples and Links

This girl from work, Ally, brought in some odd fruit today that I thought the people should know about. It looks like an apple, but it smells, and according to her, tastes, exactly like a grape. She claims they are called Grapples and I did a little research and found this and this. This revelation inspires me to quit my job and start a company that sells Pinenanas. Yup, a banana that tastes like a pineapple. Million dollar idea on the horizon.

My buddy from the office, Bobby Cans, sent me this link yesterday. Not only is it a good read with a picture of a kid in a hilarious t-shirt, but there is some great advice in a quote from a former Cyclones player, Jeremiah Schwartz, "Let me explain something really quick. Rule one: Don’t f—- with a Florida n—--. Rule two: Don’t lie to your team. Rule three: Respect rule two." (sidenote: what kind of name is Jeremiah Schwartz for a black guy? If he ever makes it to the NFL, he needs to be on Bill Simmons' list of Reggie Cleveland All-Stars.

If Andy Pettitte signs anywhere else but the Bronx he is an absolute clown, phony, fake, ingrate, chump, jerk, disloyal person.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Heisman Preview

There are only three finalists this season much to the dismay of Texas Tech fans everywhere. All three lucky guys are QBs, Sam Bradford from Oklahoma, Colt McCoy from Texas and Tim Tebow out of Florida. I'll spend some time breaking down their hype and numbers and pick my winner before tomorrow night's ceremony at the Downtown Athletic Club in NYC.

The contestants:

Sam Bradford, QB- Oklahoma Sooners
302/442, 68.3%, 4464 yds, 48 TD, 6 INT
Bradford has guided his team to a Big 12 championship and berth in the BCS game vs. Tebow's crew. He's also punched it in on the ground five times this season and helped the Sooners become the first team in NCAA D1 history to score 60+ points five times in a row. He probably has the most talent around him of anyone in the group and has used it to put up ridiculous numbers all year long.

Colt McCoy, QB- Texas Longhorns
291/375, 77.6%, 3445 yds, 32 TD, 7 INT
He actually out rushed Tebow this season with 576 yards and 10 TDs. Bet you didn't know that. McCoy leads the trio with seven picks, but he's cut down dramatically from his 2007 total of 18 and one interception every six quarters or so isn't a ton. The guy doesn't throw very many balls that hit the ground completing more than 3 out of 4 passes on the year.

Tim Tebow, QB- Florida Gators
174/268, 64.9%, 2515 yds, 28 TD, 2 INT
Tebow also has 564 yards and 12 TDs on the ground this season as he ran his Heisman defense campaign. Timmy led his squad to a 11-1 record, an SEC title and berth in the National Championship game vs. Bradford's Sooners. Last season, his numbers were more impressive (3,200+ yards, 32 passing TDs and 23 rushing TDs) as he took home the trophy. Depending on how late undecided voters picked their winner, they may have went with Tebow after his manly comeback performance in the SEC championship game vs. Alabama.

Graham Harrell being left out of this is a joke and just goes to show you that the Heisman is more about hype than it is about talent and skill. It's a shame that the kid can't get a nice weekend in NYC for his monstrous efforts this season in Lubbock. You can make the argument that Michael Crabtree took some votes from Harrell, but regardless of that, he should have been invited. The writers who vote on this should be embarrassed this QB didn't get any more votes.

Back to the people actually invited. This is a tight race as all three guys are very impressive and have guided their teams to 11-1 records. Each has had their "Heisman Moment" at some point or another this year and it will be one of the closest votes in a long time. This website has predicted the winner correctly over the last several seasons using actual voter reported ballots and they have Bradford ahead right now by a slight margin, even though Tebow has the most 1st place votes. My prediction is Tebow takes home 25 lb. statue number two. He's a really likable guy and we all know mediamen vote for people they like. I'd love to see him win as I enjoy seeing history as it happens and it would be great to see the second guy to win two Heismans happen in my lifetime. Who knows, with a Sophomore and two Juniors, there could be a season-long rematch in 2009. That would sure be fun to watch.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top 5, Dead or Alive

About a month ago, a guy I work with, Slev, printed off a blank, March Madness style bracket that Vibe magazine had put together to determine the Best Rapper Alive.  Each artist was assigned a seed based on their merits in the rap game and my final four ended up looking like this (seeds in parentheses): (1)Jay-Z, (3) Ludacris, (4) Common (2) Nas.  This inspired me to come up with my own concrete list of the best five rappers of all time.  I'll expand it to include the departed.  

Everybody who listens to rap, even occasionally, has their own ranking, whether it's set in stone or fluctuates with each new record.  Some will base it on commercial success while others focus solely on lyrical content.  Any list of elite emcees will elicit controversy because the genre has so many talented rappers it's difficult to narrow it down to a handful.  Here's my attempt, feel free to holler with feedback or your own Furious Five.

1. Jay-Z, my Michael Jordan, my Wayne Gretzky.  The most versatile rapper ever, fast songs (Jigga What), slow songs (Song Cry), club songs (I Just Wanna Love U), hood songs (Hard Knock Life).  Every other album he puts out is a classic or close to it.  He's been mixed officially with Linkin Park and unofficially with Oasis and the Beatles.  For my money it doesn't get any better than Young Hova.
2. Eminem, he really did a lot for the rap industry, breaking down racial barriers and such.  He's got some of the biggest balls in the game as well, as noted when he completely went after hip hop's favorite magazine, The Source, putting the publication and it's owner, Benzino, on blast on numerous records.  Em brought battling to the front of the casual fan's mind when 8 Mile came out.  One of the most personal rappers of all time, he let the fan get to know a new part of himself with every verse.
3. Nas, dropped Illmatic, which some consider to be the greatest album of all time as a 21 year old and didn't come out with another record close lyrically for several years.  I mean can you really blame him with a debut that dope?  Nasty Nas has put together a recent string of hot albums together over the last few years as he becomes a tad more commercial than he was in his 20s.  Incredibly insightful
4. 2pac, so many classic cuts because he was always in the studio making songs, Brenda's Got a Baby, Live and Die in LA, Hit 'em Up, I ain't Mad at Ya, Bonnie and Clyde, California Love and on and on.  When you hear that raspy voice on a track, you know it's going to be something hard.  Often insightful, he was a flight of stairs ahead of the rest of the West Coast at all times.
5. Biggie, what a talent, he sounded to effortless, might have been the most natural rapper of all time, it was just so smooth and easy to listen to.  He didn't have the work ethic of Pac so only two albums were released before his much too early demise, but both Life After Death and Ready to Die were classics.  Think of the artists who we would probably have never heard of if not for Notorious...Puffy, Jay-Z, Mase, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Styles P...

Honorable Mention: 
LL Cool J, he's been doing it for 25 years come on!
Rev Run, a pioneer in the game who still can bump out a new killer verse now and again.
Kanye West, brought a new look to the genre that's been run by tough guys for decades
Ludacris, I've often thought he's had the best voice in rap since 2pac but early in his career his songs seemed to be too simple for me (sex and drugs).  However over the last few years, he's mixed things up and grown a lot repping ATL harder than anyone else in my book.
DMX, I had to throw Y-O's finest on here.  X had one of the most ridiculous debuts I can remember when he dropped Get at me Dog.  The way that song took over NY was like something I never saw a record do before or since.
Scarface, he's been doing it for Texas forever, great voice, easy down South flow relaxes the listener.
Snoop Dogg, has the same longevity as LL but doesn't lick lips as often as he licks blunt wraps closed.  The Doggfather is a G, he usually has too many features on his albums but you can't dispute bumps like What's my Name?, Murder Was the Case, Beautiful and Drop it Like it's Hot to name a few.


wednesday morning thoughts

First off, congrats to Jesse's cuz for throwin up some nice numbers on the stat sheet against a solid team from the Yitty.

Secondly on the poll to the right. Imported beer is by far the best alcoholic beverage for a MAN! I love America, but when it comes to making beers, they are just like the car industry-way behind the rest of the world.

CC is a Yankee.

Usually NFL MVP's go to an offensive player, but there really isn't any huge numbers out there this year. That is why I think the MVP should go to a defensive player making him the 3rd player ever to do so. Plus I am a Steeler fan, so I may be a little biased.

The guy is a clown, but since I am from Youngstown, Ohio (corruption capital of the US-not really, but pretty close) I have to give him props for trying.

Jesse will tell you that this is my type of stuff right here, also-MAD PROPS FOR TRYING!!!!

I am not sure if anyone has seen the new mini series on HBO "House of Saddam" but it is a very good series and well done by HBO. I suggest you check out the first part at a buddy's house if you don't have on demand. Check out the next episode Sunday at 9.

I have no clue how he is this good, but he is.

LBJ keeps driving up that asking price every time he steps on the court. It is very clear that the only teams that will even be able to have a chance to sign him are the large market teams.......KNICKS!

Most accurate power rankings in sports every week.

Not a bad idea I guess

Taking it to the Defending Champs

Shout out to my little cousin, Sophomore Danny Annunziata, who rained 3s en route to dropping 17 last night on the 2007-08 New York Class B State Champs North Salem. He plays for Class C Valhalla. I just hope he doesn't stay hot when he plays my old HS next month.

Here he is about to smash on some cake in 2004:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanks Mad Dog

355-227, 3.16 ERA, 3371 K, 5008.1 IP, 109 CG, 35 shutouts, 4 Cy Youngs, 18 Gold Gloves and 1 awesome commercial.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Random thoughts for Tuesday

This girl is good looking, that is a FACT!!!!!!

I am either seeing things or this is the dumbest thing I've seen.

According to Buster Olney, the talks between C.C and the Yanks in Vegas went really well. It looks like the 1-2 punch for the Yanks next season will be Sabathia and Wang. Yikes!

USC would be favored in any bowl game against any opponent.

No shit! Does he think he will play in the NFL? On top of that, Todd McShay on the 6PM SportsCenter yesterday(12/8) said that Tim Tebow is the greatest college football player he has ever seen! Hey Todd, are you a dumbass?

Noone has told me what he is thinking yet.
Is it really a title game when the over/under is this high?

Another Rodriguez to New York.

I feel for anyone who was in a fantasy battle last night and lost because of DeAngelo Williams 40 yard TD run late in the game when Carolina should have been taking knees. Also, Matt Bryant missed a FG and an Extra point. Every point counts in the playoffs, if your out there, I feel for you.

I guess at least he didn't sit on a gun.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Home Stretch Preview

There's only four weeks left in the NFL season (only three for some teams who look to lock up seeds before week 17).  Here are some predictions for the final month for you all to critique, make fun of, nod your head to, laugh at or maybe even use as gambling advice.  This is what it looks like now and this is how I see it:

NFC East: The Giants will continue their dominance in the once strongest division in the NFL and lock up a first round bye in the next couple of weeks.  I have them as the only playoff team from the East.  Dallas has the best chance at 8-4 but their next four opponents (@PIT, NYG, BAL, @PHI) have a combined record of 34-13-1, a winning percentage of .708.  

NFC North:  Minnesota has Detroit this week and a Giants team that will likely be resting starters week 17.  I look for them to win both of those games and pick one up from Arizona or Atlanta and finish 3-1 down the stretch, locking up that division.

NFC South:  I like Tampa Bay to win the League's best division.  Their three losses have come by a combined 11 points, all on the road.  I pick them to take it to Carolina Monday night in Charlotte and put a strangle-hold on the South.  I also see not one, but two other teams from the division getting to play January football.  Carolina will finish second, a game behind the Bucs.  The third representative will be the Atlanta Birds of Prey.  What a great story for that city and franchise, Matt Ryan will runaway with the ROY award.

NFC West:  What an awful division.  I won't waste much time or many words talking about the futility of it all.  At least they have company in the AFC West (both divisions combine for a record of 32-66, good for a .326 W%)

NFC Seeds:
1. New York Giants, 14-2
2. Tampa Bay, 12-4
3. Minnesota, 10-6
4. Arizona, 9-7
5. Carolina, 11-5
6. Atlanta, 11-5

AFC East: At times it's looked like the strongest foursome in the NFL.  It's been up and down to say the least.  New England looking to go 16-0 again only to lose Tom Brady during the first half of week 1.  Then Buffalo starts out 5-1, only lose five out of the next six.  Miami went 1-15 last year and many thought three or four wins this season was their ceiling.  The Jets looked like the best team in the conference after beating the previously perfect Titans, but celebrated that win by getting spanked at home by the Broncos.  My mind sees the Jets getting the crown and my heart has the fins getting the division's only wild card berth.  

AFC North: The Steelers will finish the season strong and lock up a first round bye on the strength of the man I call The Clocktower, Big Ben Roethlisberger.  Since I'm going with my heart on my final wild card pick, I had to pick one of the two teams ahead of Miami to falter and the Ravens don't make my cut.  Their next handful games are not exactly walks in the park (WAS, PIT, @DAL).

AFC South: Tennessee will secure the #1 seed in a week or two, so the real question is will this quietly good Indianapolis team be a force in the playoffs.  Manning is on pace to throw the most picks (12 thru 13 games) since he was intercepted 19 times in 2002.  

AFC West:  (See NFC West) Denver wins.

AFC Seeds:
1. Tennessee, 14-2
2. Pittsburgh, 12-4
3. New York Jets, 11-5
4. Denver, 9-7
5. Colts, 11-5
6. Miami, 11-5

Check back after week 17 when I'll take a look at my hits and misses as well as preview the playoffs.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Dream Match

I cannot wait for this weekends bout between Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya. In this fight you will see two of the best technical boxers in the business and in my opinion the best fighter pound for pound on the planet in Manny Pacquiao (If you don't believe me, you will soon). However, Manny is attempting to move up 2 weight divisions and win, probably because all of the competition at lightweight isn't anywhere near his level and because he is that good to do it. I am very interested to see how both fighters fight in this bout. Each boxer has questions to answer, Can Manny fight at this weight and should Oscar stick to the promotions? Oscar is old, but he still has a very dangerous left hook and he is a very smart fighter. Each fighter will focus on certain rounds to throw attacks at eachother and that is where Oscar may have the advantage. Whoever counters the best may win this one. Manny hasn't fought at this weight and he will get worn down by Oscar; therefore I expect him to come out hard and fast. Manny can punch with the best of'em, so he better land'em early and often or he could be in trouble. If you happen to watch this fight I want you to take note of the scorecard after the 6th round. If Oscar is winning, he can cruise til the 12th and play D. I expect Manny to be ahead by 2-3 rounds at this point, but he will have to hold on to win.

Keys for the Fight:

The L.A native De La Hoya is bigger and Manny is much smaller, meaning Oscar's punches will have more of an impact on the Filipino. On the flip side, Manny will need to land more punches to cause the damage he's used to inflicting on his opponents. Advantage: De La Hoya

When I think of Boxing or any sport for that matter I think of Power (above) and Speed. Oscar isn't slow by any means, but Manny is lightning quick and I'm not sure Oscar has seen a faster fighter. Yes, that includes pretty boy Flloyd. Advantage: Pacquioa

Boxing is an exhausting sport and each fighter is going to need to dig deep in this one. When the 10th round starts each fighter knows they are close to the end and you see a resurgance similar to the early rounds. Oscar, once again isn't a quitter, but if you haven't seen this Pacquioa kid fight yet, wait til you how tenacious see he is. Advantage: Pacquioa

My favorite fighter is Kelly Pavlik because he is from my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio and when I think of Kelly I think consistent pressure. Probably the only clear cut advantage in the entire fight is Oscar's consistency. Manny as I said earlier is the best fighter on the planet pound for pound, but he does have mental lapses and he has been gotten too earlier in his career. If Oscar can frustrate him - It's over. Advantage: De La Hoya

Finally, the corners. Oscar is working with Ignacio Beristain for the first time in his career which could be a problem, however Beristain trained Juan Manuel Marquez who has seen Pacquioa twice, so he knows his flaws. At the other end is one of the most highly respected men in the sport - Freddie Roach. Roach is a tough dude and I usually root for whoever he is training. Roach has trained De La Hoya so he knows his flaws as well, but more importantly he has been with Pacquioa for seven years bulding a strong relationship. Advantage: Pacquioa

I just hope this is an instant classic! But if I had to pick I would pick Pacquioa.


Losers of the Day

Nothing better than dudes in their mid early 20's bringing signs to a sporting event.....CLOWNS!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More on the Big 12

Big 12 assistants, not only are you giving up all of those points, but you are getting paid a ton of money (link courtesy of Miami Hawk Talk) to do it. I mean, really Joe Kines (A&M DC) you're getting $400K to give up over five touchdowns each game? That's good for 116th in the nation - scroll wayyyy down. Here's the rest of the defensive scoring stats for Big 12 squads.

Texas is the only team in the top 25 in points allowed, but that 18.7 is helped out a lot by their OOC games where they gave up 43 total points (10, 13, 10 and 10). Take those out and it jumps up to 23 points allowed per game. Turnovers are a big way defenses can put their stamp on a game and UT is tied for 118th in the nation with just six INTs. We all know how that game vs. Tech went with the Longhorn defense wilting as Grahm Harrell went down the field completeing 5/6 for 62 yards, three first downs and a TD.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Bad

I apologize for being MIA on the site for the last week. Oh, well.

On a positive note basically everyone that will be reading this site will have a higher salary than the major Auto Exec's in the US after they agreed to be paid $1 in salary for the 2009 fiscal year. The reason for this is to convince Congress to drop 25 bill into their companies during this hard economic time.

As much as I'd hate to say it, I couldn't agree more with Joel Sherman of the New York Post. He says if Andy Pettite signs anywhere else this year, he is a phony! When Pettite was at his lowest of lows earlier this year when he was on the stand, the yankees stood by him. He also said that he would never play for another team either. Oh, and Andy said he would take a pay cut to play for the Yankees since he knew $16 million was too much, but then he turns and rejects a $10 million dollar offer from the Bombers. Give me a break.

Is Jacksonville really this bad?

How many sophomore running backs will be taken in the first round of fantasy drafts next year? I asked this very question to my roommate over the weekend and here is what we came up with. Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Steve Slaton, Tim Hightower and Darren McFadden. I think it is safe to say that teams are using their rookies a lot more to win games.

I will pay someone $100 if they tell me what Wade Phillips is thinking on the sidelines?

Curb Your Enthusiasm is now in production. It will be a 10 episode season, there hasn't been a premiere date yet.

I will pay someone $200 if they tell me what the BIG 12's defensive coordinator's do during the week?

PS: Start collecting non-perishable foods and lots of water by the year 2013.


The Ryan Leaf Story, Plax and other tidbits

Hopefully everyone enjoyed my favorite holiday as much as I did. There were 56 people at the Thanksgiving dinner I attended, which was a new personal record. It was also the first time I spent the day with a family that was not my own. I gave it a B+. Great food, lots of fun, but there are only so many videos you can watch of other people's families/childhoods before you go crazy. Here's the news:

-I found this today and I can't wait for "Leaf" to make it to DVD or Hulu. I can imagine Ryno flipping out on the writer/director after a few conversations as he mentioned. Everyone remembers this classic flipout, right?

- Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg at a club last weekend, I'm sure you all have heard by now. Mediamen, bloggers, and water cooler analysts have been talking about this early this week, all with their own opinions. I think what's lost in the shuffle is how down Antonio Pierce is. He wasn't there to cause trouble, he might not even have known that Plax had a gun on him, but what did he do when it went off? Rushed him to the hospital and got rid of the piece. That's exactly what I'm looking for in a friend/teammate. Does anyone give him props? Aside from the New York Times, nope. Now the police are focusing on his actions after the accidental shooting. Poor guy, he was just trying to be a good friend.

- Stephon Marbury and the Knicks have still not agreed to end their relationship and are reportedly 'far apart financially.' Donnie Walsh needs to just pony up and get rid of him. It might even be wise to pay him more than he is owed this year just to get him away from the team since he is only causing trouble and refusing to play.

- I had a birthday yesterday and I got all sorts of well wishes, songs, pats on the back and even a couple of presents and a cake. I appreciate all the calls, cards, e-mails and texts. It does make me think of something an old coworker told me a couple years back. He said "congratulations, you were born, call me when you do something yourself." His name was Cheeks and he had a good point. Why do we give presents to the person who was born? They didn't do anything really, but their parents did all the work. Maybe on birthdays we should give presents to the mom and dad of our friends and save the gifts for self-earned honors like promotions, graduations, marriages and so on. From this day forward, that's what I vote for. Let's do that for everyone except me, keep the love coming this way on December 1.