Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jersey Shore Fantasy League (UPDATED)

Jersey Shore is clearly my new go-to show and The Lube Tube is on the bandwagon with me. He pitched the idea and we came up with a fantasy league based on this cast of characters. We assigned a point value to virtually everything this freaks could do over the next 6-8 episodes and then drafted our teams. Scoring is head to head each week and rosters and point values are below. Stay tuned for a game recap and live blog on Thursday at 10 pm!

UPDATE: The stakes. Loser has to get a fake spray tan, do his hair in a blowout, go sleeveless at bars and make a kissy face in every photo taken of him during Miami's homecoming weekend in 2010.

The Blowouts (Jesse): J-WOWW, Snooki, Ronnie and Vinny

The Situations (Lube Tube): The Situation, DJ Pauly D, Sweetheart and Angelina

And now for points:

1-Being late
2-Yelled at by boss
3-Inappropriate conduct (drinking, hooking up, etc.)
5-No show

3-Kicked out of bar
5-Cops talk to you

Hook up
5-Make Out
5-Public indecency (hot tub/patio included)
7-Girl making out with girl
15-Hook up

10-Same Sex
15-Girl hitting guy
100-Guy hitting girl (slaps, hard shoves, tosses, etc.)

5-Excessive grinding
10-Making out
20-BF/GF cheats on you during visit
25-Hook up

1-Call BF/GF
1-Saying Guido, Guidette, or The Situation
2-BF/GF crying
5-Bring home random (per person)
10-Getting a tattoo or piercing
20-Break up with BF/GF
25-STD scare
50-Pregnancy scare
x1.5-Anything with a roommate



  1. Good luck of keeping track of all the points. They are going to add up quickly!

  2. I'm not so sure about this. I think there is a better version at