Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mock Draft (AKA Return of The Pelican)

What a guy! Here's the subject line of Pelle's email to me when I asked him to do a quick mock draft: "dont have time to post this - had to write it in an e-mail to look busy"

1. RamsBradford – Franchise QB that a lot of teams love, St. Louis needs a savior now before Roger Goodel suggests they pack their bags and head to LALA Land.

2. Lions – Suh – Dominant force, especially with Jim Schwartz drafting him, this should be a no brainer. They added Corey Williams and Vanden Bosch in Free Agency too – Adrian Peterson is going to have a hard time running against the Lions from now on.

3. Bucs – McCoy – Bucs have the easiest pick of the draft. The pick was made for them. If McCoy is a bust – it’s really not their fault anyways – who wouldn’t take this guy here.

4. Redskins – Williams – Flying up draft boards, is now the top tackle in the draft. Skins now have a franchise QB that is in his 30’s – need to protect him. Plus Chris Samuels is basically dead.

5. ChiefsBerry – In 3 years the Redskins, Bucs, Lions and Rams may have wished they took this guy – could be the next Ed Reed.

6. Seahawks – Okung – Cost himself a million or two by skipping the senior bowl – questions were not answered, but he is a beast and a little coaching may have this guy blocking in Pro Bowls for years.

7. Browns – C.J. Spiller - Best offensive player in the Draft. Marshall Faluk type player, can catch better than any receiver the Browns currently have. This is a guy that you can run your offense through. You don’t need a very good QB to hand the ball off and dump screens and flats all day. Gave them Spiller, but I expect the Browns to Trade out of this pick since they don’t really like anyone here except for Eric Berry – They’ll take Earl Thomas in the teens if they can.

8. Raiders – Bulaga – The Robert Gallery sequel? One writer called this guy a meat and potatoes guy, something the Raiders could use – A country boy who will listen and stay out of trouble.

9. Bills – Clausen – If the Bills don’t take Clausen then he may fall, fall, and fall. Not sure why, I think he is going to be pretty good in this league.

10. Jags – McClain – The Jags don’t want to pick anyone here, they just want to acquire another pick and trade down and get the best player available in the 12,13,14,15 area – The Giants may be a possible candidate to trade up here. For now I’ll give them McClain.

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