Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Annoying Red Sox Stats

Yankees  vs. everyone else in the league not including the Red Sox:  34-18, .653 w%
Red Sox vs. everyone else in the league not including the Yankees: 28-24, .538 w/%

But since they have played each other they sit at a dead even 34-24, .586 w% with the tiebreaker to the Sawx on the strength of six head to head wins.

I guess I feel good about this since the Yankees play 144 games vs. everyone else and just 18 vs. the Red Sox every year.  They have to start turning it around, the law of averages demands so.  

Big Papi vs. the Yankees (up to the HR he hit in his fist AB vs. the pinstripes tonight):
In 20 at-bats, .350, 5 XBH, HR, 7 RBI

Big Papi vs. everyone else:
in 178 at-bats, .185, 13 XBH, 2 HR, 17 RBI

BGotW: Mary Louise Parker, because I just found out she isn't Sarah Jessica Parker's sister.


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