Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Sunday Live Blog

1:18 pm: By the time I was able to get my first post up, Detroit is already down two scores on the strength of two Cool Brees TD passes.

1:20 pm: What a day in Central Ohio, blue skies abound to wash out scarlet tears from last night's game.

1:28 pm: A promising drive by Who Dey ends in an awful bobbled snap on a FG attempt. WOW the ball ended up all the way at midfield.

1:33 pm: ATL/MIA game is booooooring. Just 103 combined yards for both teams after one quarter of play. At least the stadium is named after a beer.

1:35 pm: Chop block by Moreno and Orton still gets sacked. He is terrible.

1:37 pm: Any fringe sport should just pay Gus Johnson Scrooge McDuck money to call their games. I would watch any game with this guy calling it... Jai Alai, Curling, Handball, women's basketball. Wait, not anything.

1:38 pm: AWESOME, another Peyton Manning commercial.

1:42 pm: What a day we have in store for TV- three time slots for football, Entourage is back, Mad Men.

1:50 pm: Best names in football off the top of my head- Knowshon Moreno, Channing Crowder, Nnamdi Asomugha, Sebastian Janikowski. Also, terrible call in the Browns/Vikings game on that Vickers fumble. The replay clearly showed the ball coming out of his hands before his knee hit the ground.

1:53 pm: Put in Dede Dorsey for something, Marvin Lewis, I want to see him. The Eagles D/ST is putting on a clinic vs. Carolina (and against me in fantasy) with a Return TD, a Defensive TD, a sack, a fumble recovery and a pick.

2:01 pm: Just saw a commercial for Couples Retreat (trailer here) and it looks pretty funny, but is Jon Favreau not the male version of Oprah with his up and down weight loss? Fit in Swingers, a cow in a Monk guest appearance, portly in the Break Up and now stocky in this.

2:11 pm: Eagles D with another sack and another INT. Killing it.

2:17 pm: About halfway through most of the early games, let's take a look at my picks from Wednesday:

NO (-13 1/2) over DET- NO started out great, and is now up 11.
CIN (-4) over DEN- it's a Krispy Kreme kind of day through :20 remaining in the first half with each team putting up a donut.
Dallas (-6) over TB- Dallas is down 7-6 with about a minute to go in the first half.

2:18 pm: Miami fumbles in the red zone for their second of the day, that's upsetting as this team led the league in TO margin in 2008.

2:20 pm: Hotlanta ends up getting a FG out of the turnover and a 6-10 point swing. In other news, Josh Cribbs houses a punt for 67 yards to give the Brownies a 13-10 lead with 90 seconds remaining in that game. Good moves and breakaway speed will get you far on special teams. What ever happened to Dante Hall?

2:36 pm: Madison is attacking her football toy. She knows it's footbal season.

2:38 pm: Laverneus Coles with three drops already, watch your back Braylon Edwards.

2:41 pm: So what it's early. Drew Brees is on pace for 128 TDs and 6,720 yards. I'm pretty sure both of those would not only NFL records, but maybe AFL records (RIP).

2:45 pm: The Meatballs Sports Bereau confirmed that those figures would also set the bar in the Arena League, breaking the current records of 117 TDs and 5,033 yards.

2:53 pm: Kansas City, the Kansas City Chiefs are beating the Ravens???

3:06 pm: Come on CP10!!! Pennington commits the third Dolphins TO. 2008 regular season- 16 turnovers, 2008 playoffs and first three quarters of 2009- 8 turnovers.

3:11 pm: Check that- 9 turnovers.

3:28 pm: Chad Pennington's rag arm is glaringly evident in today;s game with an average of just
5.5 yards per attempt.

3:38 pm: At least I should win my first round playoff matchup in fantasy baseball.

3:45 pm: CP9 is driving his team down the field like a champion.

3:48 pm: CP9 architects a 91-yard drive and all they have to do is kick a PAT for the lead and probable win.

3:52 pm: And St. Louis gets the snap off for the easy kick by Graham and the Cinci D just has to hold the seemingly inept Bronco's offense under wraps for 20 seconds.

3:54 pm: Someone stop the Eagles' defense! They are incredible today, with five INTs, four sacks and a fumble recovery.

3:59 pm: Holy Crap!!!! What an incredible play by Stokley to stay with the ball. Paul Brown Stadium was just completely deflated. Wow.

4:34 pm: Now that the early games have finished... I was wrong about Cinci, right about Dallas and right about NO.


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