Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 2 Picks that I Like

New England at New York (Jets) O/U 45 1/2--OVER
Minnesota (-10) at Detroit-- Minny to cover
Carolina (+6) at Atlanta--Atlanta to cover
Seattle (+1 1/2) at San Francisco-- Seattle to win outright

Ohio State (-20 1/2) "at" Toledo-- Toledo will keep it closer than that
Cincinnati (-1 1/2) at Oregon State- Cinci to cover

Mayweather, Jr. to win fight in Rounds 4-6 at 7/1

In other news, last night was phenomenal for television watching. I mean I watch TV anyway at night, so it wasn't like appointment viewing or anything, but The Office is back, Always Sunny is back and Community debuted. I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of Derrick Comedy, so I was enthused to see Donald Glover (also a writer on 30 Rock) get his first real network action in Community as former HS quarterback Troy. The Indian kid (Danny Pudi) was hilarious, especially standing out in the end of the second segment when he was reciting lines from Breakfast Club and Dirty Dancing. Looking forward to Ep 2.

Also, I don't understand what is soooooo freaking cute about the little Phillies fan girl who threw the ball back on the field. As a lifelong baseball fan and game-attender, I still have yet to grab a foul ball. I'm hoping I get the chance before I have kids so I don't have to give it to little Ghiorzi and can keep it myself. If and when I finally do get one and give it to my kid, and they toss it back, I might be inclined to toss them on the field after it, or just give them the silent treatment for the rest of the day. Maybe Brogi can explain this to me.

As some of you know, I work for a race track (cars/bikes, not horses) and I was still unconvinced that racing was a sport. That was up until this Wednesday, when I got the chance to take a High Performance Driving class. After going through that and only being around the track for 45 minutes, I have a new level of respect for riders and drivers. My arms, legs and backside are sore and I was mentally fatigued after a full day of drills and lapping. BOLD STATEMENT: Racing is more of a sport than golf.


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