Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LBJ to NYC Now at All Time High Probability

Though I don't think he's made his mind up yet like some media and fans will have you believe, I think that he is now leaning towards leaving more than ever before after last nights shellacking by the Celtics. Mike and Mike said this morning that during non-Finals NBA playoff matchups, the team that loses G5 to go down 3-2 in a series only comes back 16% of the time. Clearly LBJ is one of the 2-3 best players on the planet and is capable of throwing up a 40-15-10 to bring his team back, but can he? Thursday night, the crowd in Boston will be hostile and there is no doubt the Celts have the mo' at this point with Rondo becoming the second or third best PG in the game right now.

I have full faith in Donnie Walsh and the guy who was brought in to learn everything about LBJ and give him the greatest pitch of all time, John Gabriel (love those initials, too). Mark Messier is the only somewhat close comparison to James' current situation. An Edmonton boy, drafted and played for the Oilers for several years, ascending to one of the best hockey players in the league. Leaves for NYC and after a few years, ends a five-decade long drought, becomes a legend, owns the city and becomes one of the five greatest players of all time.

I used to believe in jinxing sports outcomes in my adolescence, but now I realize what's gonna happen will happen, regardless of what I say or think out loud. As pessimistic as I was about LBJ being the savior the Garden needs last month, I am that optimistic right now.

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