Monday, October 25, 2010

The Teams Most in Need of Divisional Realignment

To be clear, I mean in the sense of where they play geographically compared to their division name and other teams in the league, not in the sense of being overmatched like the Orioles in the AL East.

Columbus Blue Jackets; Western Conference, Central Division
The Jackets, like the next team, are in the Eastern Time Zone yet somehow in the Western Conference. Looking at the NHL team map, there's not necessarily a better place for them to go but it's a bit silly to be in the Western Conference.

Detroit Red Wings; Western Conference, Central Division
Again, Eastern Time Zone team in the West. I'd never say this Original Six team should move OR AM I? Wouldn't it be sweet to toss them in the Northeast and have them play three co-O6 teams? I think so.

Atlanta Thrashers: Eastern Conference, Southeast Division
Yeah they're in the southeastern part of America, but let's get real, they're also located to the west of both the above teams.

Dallas Cowboys; NFC East
C'mon son. The 'Boys aren't anywhere close to any of the other teams in their division and there are just SIX of 31 other NFL teams located to the west. This might be the most ridiculous of team/division alignments.

Indianapolis Colts; AFC South
I've been to Indy in January. The climate isn't southern, neither are the people. They like racing a ton so I guess that's why the NFL decided to put them in the South. Has to be it.

Baltimore Ravens; AFC Central
No way. The home city of Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell is on the Atlantic Ocean. Really, you're gonna tell me they belong in the Central?

Miami Dolphins; AFC East
Maybe I'm salty that my favorite team has to play the Jets and Pats four times this year. The Fins are without a doubt one of the most eastern teams in the league, but they are also over 200 miles south of anyone else. This is an easy fix. Switch them with the Colts and it all makes sense.

Oklahoma City Thunder; Western Conference, Northwest Division
Go there and tell an Okie they're from the North, I dare you. At least this one makes sense as the ThunDurants used to be in Seattle.

Memphis Grizzles; Western Conference, Southwest Division
I wish we could just abandon them altogether, but since we can't (yet), at least find somewhere better than where they're at now. Southeast makes more sense.

Phoenix Suns; Western Conference, Pacific Division
Just move them to San Diego and rename is the California Division. I mean, the other four teams are located in that state, so why not.

Toronto Blue Jays, AL East
Just quit playing baseball in Canada. Alternatively they could move to the NL Central and throw the Pirates in the AL East so the Yankees can have 18 free wins every year.

Texas Rangers, AL West
There isn't anywhere else to put them besides the West but I'll point out that the four closest teams to them, longitudally (is that a word?) are all in the Central.

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