Monday, November 1, 2010

Bye Bye Yankees and Phillies

Forgot to "get it in" a week or so ago. OK, really I was just salty about the Yankees losing so it took me some time.

New York Yankees
Nice job in the playoffs, Kevin Long! Everyone from local and national media lined up to shine this guy's shoes all year for getting Curtis Granderson to shorten his swing and helping Nick Swisher figure out how to have a better BA. Then in the playoffs, C.J. Wilson and Colby Lewis (TWICE) made the Yankees hitters look silly. Cliff Lee, I get, well I did until the Giants (in name only, not offensively by any means) smacked him around to the tune of 6 ER in 4.1 IP. Not saying he needs to go the same route as Dave Eiland, but figure out how to hit pitchers your team hasn't seen before. For the last three or four years, the Yankees have looked awful when facing journeymen, scrubs and rookies they have little or no experience against. Nice batting average Mark Teixeira. And by the way, A-Rod, people have already forgotten about last October. Sac Flies aint getting it done, you had one big hit (game-tying two-run single in ALCS G1), not going to win many more titles when you hit like that. Phil Hughes, you wanna be the next homegrown Yankee stud? Not with those two ALCS starts, get real.

Philadelphia Phillies
This was supposed to be a cakewalk for you guys. Top three starters, best triumvirate since the mid-90s Braves (Oh right, they didn't win much either), an AL-style offense, multiple MVPs, the best starter in baseball, etc. Where did you go wrong? Maybe it's not your fault that you ran into a buzzsaw named Matt Cain. The kid is unstoppable right now. And what's more, you guys made the papers wait at least a year (if not forever) to use any combination of these headlines: Roys Meet World...Series, The Roys are Back in Town, H2O: All You Need, Roy Story, Roys to The World, etc.

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