Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is the perfect situation for the 200th meatball. Amar'e and Carmelo. Two of the five* current American ballers that are recognizable by first names only are on the same team. My team. The last time that happened, the Lakers three-peated. No, the Knicks won't do that, but they will make it to the second round of the playoffs this year after learning to fly on the fly together over the next few months. The Knicks, this season, CAN beat Miami, Orlando, Chicago and Atlanta in a seven game series. They have no shot vs. the Celtics, but that potential matchup just got a lot more exciting.

Blah blah blah, the Knicks gave up too much...maybe. I feel better and better about this deal with each tick of the clock. The previous starting five looked like this: Felton-Fields-Gallo-Amar'e-Mozgov. Now it's like this Billups-Fields-Carmelo-Amar'e-Turiaf. That's a playoff upgrade at point (big shots, better shooter, has a ring though he's slower than RayRay), unchanged at the off-guard, a big upgrade at swing, no change at four and a wash at center. Turiaf won't play very many minutes a game, which leaves the 'Bockers in a hole, but it was a hole before, so not much has changed.

The bench loses Ill Wil, and moves Turiaf to starter, but gains Corey Brewer and thats about it. Hopefully Azubuike actually suits up this year to some more shooting depth, but otherwise Toney Douglas and Shawne Williams get more minutes and Andy Rautins actually dresses on the reg. I just lost a sports Andy in my life, maybe it's time for Rauwdy to be that man for me.

Can't wait to watch the club on illegal internet TV tomorrow and see them run up and down in person on Friday.

*Amar'e, Carmelo, Kobe, Shaq, Lebron. Other NBA guys who can get away with it: Dirk, Nene, Yao, Darko

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