Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meatballs All Day Every Day

Don't call it a comeback. No, just kidding - call it a comeback. I've been gone for nearly three months(!!) and that is straight unacceptable. Especially when I have a student (http://prangeponders.tumblr.com/) come in for an interview at the track today and he mentions MITM. That leaves me embarrassed that I haven't blogged since THANKSGIVING. No excuses on that one. So here comes a ferocious blogfest this next couple weeks. I'm going to hit on Linsanity, a couple stadium reviews, a baseball preview, a draft preview and also talk about how LOADED the Yankees look this year. Oh snap, we might have also talked Pelle into a brief comeback. First up: a rewrite of an older blog.

Also, I might be switching to Tumblr in the next few weeks. Might = Probably. Blogspot is quickly becoming the MySpace to Tumblr's Facebook...and I'm not trying to be on MySpace like a creep. And while I was gone, it's not like I wasn't writing. I wrote this for the LoHud Yankees Blog and had a Sporcle game published.

A Rewrite of an Older Blog

Well the answer to that blog's query is unequivocally no. But here's the new question. Is New York about to be the new Boston (vomited on my keyboard after typing that)? Kind of looking like an emphatic yes right now. Boston won 'ships in all four major sports in a seven-year span and a total of seven in 10 years. I've berated the Lube Tube about this on gChat incessantly since Linsanity took over, much to his dismay. Is it THAT crazy to think the four major sports titles could be won this year by teams based in NYC (and one realllllly close to it)? Yes, it is a little, but this is a blog, and it's my blog, so I can afford to be a little crazy. What are the chances this happens? 'Sgo!


Giants already locked this one up with an historic win over the hated New England Patriots. So the chances of that winning are easy to predict. The Giants added the 2011 'ship to one in 2007. ELIte!
Odds: off the board because it already happened

Rangers are the best team in hockey without a doubt right now. With the trade deadline looming, GM Glen Sather may make a drastic move like trading for Freeway Ricky Nash or some other offensive power, but more than likely this loaded team will be in tact for the playoff push. The Rangers ended a five-decade drought in 1994 when Messier led them to a Stanley Cup win.
Odds: 11-2, best in the league

The Bronx is home to the most successful franchise in the history of sports, the New York Yankees. With an early playoff exit leaving a sour taste in their mouths, the Yankees reloaded this year with pitching: the 2011 #2 and #3 starters are now off the team and fighting for the 5th spot, respectively. Safe to say this team is going to be a force in 2012. With a powerful offense, upgraded rotation and the best closer ever, the Pinstripes are among the favorites to win it all.
Odds: 13-2, T-second best in the league

The New York Knickerbockers, linfected with linsanity, are one game under .500 at blog time. However that is with 8 wins in their last 10 games and a top 10 NBA player just returning to the lineup. Due to the 8-15 hole they dug themselves early on, the club will likely be a higher (as in a higher number, or is it a lower seed? I feel like this works both ways) playoff seed than they could be if the team was together all year. Sure, like the other lines, this one is skewed because of all the New York money going heavy on the home team, but hey, in a 66-game sprint, anything can happen.
Odds: 18-1, 8th best in the league

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