Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stadium Review: Yost Arena

C and I hit up Yost Arena for a Miami vs. Michigan hockey game in early February. She put together a group of 50 Miamians through the Alumni Association and we partied at B-Dubs before the game with some fun people and weirdos.

Nice campus. I mean it's not the brick-laden picturesque utopia known as Oxford, Ohio that houses Miami University, but it's a nice campus.


We parked about a quarter-mile away and trooped it past some college houses and people drinking on porches. A couple of students were selling parking spaces on their lawn/in their driveway for $20 a pop adjcent to the rink. Didn't seem to have (m)any takers for this game, but I bet they clean up when State is in town.

Didn't have any because we filled up at B-Dubs before hand, but the popcorn looked tasty!

They don't sell any...And I forgot my flask at C's house. Just a terrible drinking experience.

Gorgeous. Just and old school, brick building that looks like it's from another era. Well obviously, because it is. It was built in the 1920s and renovated in the 1970s. Still has that classic feel like a Wrigley Field. I don't see how 7,000 people can fit inside, but that's around the number they claim.

It was a sellout! We got them for $25 apiece through the Alumni Association in the End Zone/Corner area. Not too far from what is usually my favorite spot to sit for hockey.

Entertainment and Atmosphere
Electric. Great crowd and as always the Michigan student section is clad in bright yellow. Good cheers and taunts (many of which were stolen from - but probably by - Miami). Nice mix of old stadium and new HD scoreboard and suites, etc. I might have had a better time had the RedHawks not lost.

Great arena, fun town. Will head there again when the 'Hawks are in town, but that will be not very often when Michigan leaves for the Big Ten Hockey Conference.

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