Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yankee Predictions

Pelle, Alex and one of my cousins (Christian) and I make our 2012 season Yankee predictions for a number of different stats.

Pelle: 98
Alex: 95
Christian: 96
Jesse: 102

Andy Pettitte Wins
P: 9
A: 10
C: 8
J: 11

CC Sabathia Wins
P: 17
A: 18
C: 19
J: 21

Phil Hughes Wins
P: 15
A:  11
C: 13
J: 15

Mariano Rivera Saves
P: 41
A: 43
C: 39
J: 38

Mariano Rivera ERA of 1.50
P: over
A: over  
C: over
J: over

Brett Gardner Steals
P: 53
A: 44
C: 39
J: 46

A-Bombs (Alex Rodriguez home runs)
P: 28
A:  31
C: 33
J: 33

Derek Jeter batting average of .310
P: under
A: under
C: under
J: over

Yankee with most home runs
P: Cano
A: Granderson 
C: Granderson
J: Teixeira 

# of HR for Yankee leader
P: 41
A:  38
C: 39
J: 39

Yankee with most MVP votes
P: Cano (winner)
A: Cano  
C: Cano
J: Cano

Three Gold Glove winners
P: push
A: push
C: push
J: under

# of All-Stars
P: seven
A: six 
C: seven
J: six

Yankees with 100+ RBI
P: three
A: four
C: four
J: four

Yankees with 100+ runs
P: three
A: four
C: four
J: four

Yankees batting .300+
P: two
A: three 
C: one
J: two

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