Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodbye March, the Best (or Second Best) Sports Month of the Year


You came and went so fast, it was hard to truly appreciate you. Each year you compete with October for the crown of best sports month of the year. Let's recap what you meant to the sports universe and my world in 2012.

This is the one month where the NFL isn't supposed to reign supreme, but man did the shield bring it... Tebow to Jets! Manning to Miami Arizona Tennessee Denver! Payton gone for a year! Revis trashtalking Belichick! Gronk everywhere! The Ginger Hammer once again shows why the NFL is king and runs the one month it's supposed to be dormant. 

Miami Dolphins
Well, the 'Fins traded their best player in hopes to get another one for worse draft picks than they traded for him two years ago. That's not a good look. The team went hard after Peyton Manning only to get the stiffarm (stiff neck?) from #18. Then they watched the Redskins move up for RG3 while they looked at Matt Flynn and Alex Smith. After both those guys spurned them, Miami fans are headed to a depressing QB battle between Matt Less and David Garrard. Puke. Another terrible offseason for Ross and Ireland.

The Dwight Howard saga was wacky but ultimately anticlimactic as he stayed in Orlando. Two guys began the month as NBA coaches but ended it doing something else. The Bulls keep winning with or without D.Rose and look absolutely terrifying come playoffs. The Heat look like they're on cruise control and the Thunder, Spurs and Mavs look daunting out West.

New York Knicks
Woodsanity started to overtake Linsanity and the result was the same: winsanity. The Knicks went on a run winning eight of nine games after D'antoni was fired "quit." STAT got hurt and we thought he was out for a few days, then several months, then several weeks then a couple weeks now a couple or several weeks. Lin got dinged up but Melo started playing really well and the Knicks look good....for now.

March Madness
Two 15s upset a pair of deuces. A 13-seeded MAC team went to the Sweet 16. A Bluegrass blood-feud will end the month in a Final Four matchup. Quite the entertaining event, even though there was a lack of 

My Bracket/Miami RedHawks

Welp, they both sucked. That's all, nothing to see here, let's move on. At least Charlie Coles isn't in power in Oxford anymore.

Bobby Valentine is bumping his gums like its 1999 all over again. It will be nice to see him vilified when the Rays and Yankees (and maybe Jays) have better records than the Red Sawx this year. Bryce Harper is starting the year in AAA and the Nationals might not be terrible for the first time in the millennium. MLB started its season in Japan this year to resounding boos. I thought it was awesome when the league did this in 2004 because A-it was the Yankees and B-it was televised LIVE and C-I was in college so it was fine to wake up at 5 a.m., eat a dog and drink a couple Natty Lights. Since A, B and C are not true this year, I think the idea sucked.

New York Yankees
ANDY PETTITTE'S BACK! That was the major news of the month for the pinstripes. Team now expected to have a seven-man rotation and win 125-140 games this year. Also, the club released an alternate logo featuring the interlocking NY emblazoned on a steamroller. 

The Blue Jackets continued to suck, Sid Crosby came back and took up exactly where he left off and I don't remember what else happened.

New York Rangers
The Blueshirts stretched out their lead as the best team in the East/hockey. Lundqvist is a revelation and anything less than a Cup this year is going to be very disappointing. Luckily we know that Torts will flip out after every loss to ensure the team is motivated night in and night out.

I was in St. Petersburg for the Honda Grand Prix, the IZOD IndyCar Series season opener. It was warm, sunny and generally awesome. Helio Castroneves won and honored Dan Wheldon in his celebration. Also, C and I went back to NYC where we had our "worst" Sergio Martinez fight seats to date (still not more than a dozen rows back and right behind Omar!). We saw Sergio go wild after getting "knocked down" in the 7th.

It was quite the month indeed.

P.S. October, you better step up.

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