Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Crunch Time

Attention Fantasy Footballers of the world, this is either your first week of the playoffs or you are battling for a seed, spot, or hopefully regular season championship money!

Turkey Day Lovers and Losers

Titans @ Lions - Game is at 12:30 so for all you party goers tonight, make sure that your roster is set becuase you probs won't wake up.

Start-Chris "Predator" Johnson, Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, Lendale White, Bo Scaife (only in must start TE's league), Titans D. If you are starting anyone else that is playing in this game then you are probably not making the playoffs - Am I right?

Seachickens @ Cowboys - Basically play anyone you want if they have a star on their helmet except for Patrick Crayton because he just can't catch. Again, if you are starting anyone that plays for the hawks, I ask you this question, WHY?

Cards @ Eagles - The Cards are one of the worst road teams in the NFL and for some reason Jesse thinks you should take them this week, not sure why.

Start - McNabb (yes, I said it. He will play like he has something to prove, because he does). Also play, Westbrook if he's healthy, TD vulture Timmy Hightower, Captain Kurt, Fitzy, Boldin, LJ Smith (when a QB needs to find himself again they always look to the big TE going down the seems). Lastly, if you have either D/ST I would keep them on the bench, something tells me this game will go over the total, which is good news for lots of points in fantasy.

Depending on how deep your league is you may want to start Breaston, Curtis, Jackson, and Baskett.


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