Monday, November 24, 2008


We're going to talk about sports, music, movies, TV, women, money and whatever else crosses our minds when we're sitting at the computer. We'll each post a few times a week at the least and try to keep things entertaining for you every day. Trivia and contests will be added as often as possible as well. Mikey and Jesse started to write this because we spent enough time at each others' desks talking about this sort of stuff.

Expect to see some predictions, some gambling and fantasy tips, along with rankings, opinions and reviews. We're both really into music, so that will be a frequent topic. We played sports in HS, neither of us had the skills to carry it any further than intramural at the college level. If you don't like my writing, you might like Mikey's. We don't talk or write the same, we come from different parts of the country, went to different colleges and got to working together in different ways. Mikey is more unbiased, whereas you'll find out Jesse's favorite teams after a post or two.

If you don't like what we're talking about, please comment. If there is something that you would like for us to talk about, tell us @ Enjoy, check back daily as we'll update often. If you love it or can't stand it, tell your buddies to check out the blog too.

Oh, the name? We're both Italian, so naturally we love pasta and meatballs about as much as anything. Plus we get called clowns almost every day, so there's a goofiness quality that we bring to the table on the daily.

-Jesse G and Mikey P

By the way our picks for the evening...

Jesse- Saints (-3) over Pack. Mikey- Saints and the over (52.5)

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