Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back to full strength (almost)

Put some pants on sir.

A-Rod Says Peace to Kabbalah
How about A-Rod getting that free upgrade after two years.  He dropped the 67-year old Madonna for a 30-year old (and wayyyyyy hotter) Kate Hudson.  Maybe he can make all better life decisions from here on out - like not kissing himself in a mirror, or hanging out with his sketchball cousin.  I can dream, can't I?

Hot Women Do Not Make Good Decisions
Marissa Miller is married to this guy?  Speaking of hotties, Jessica Biel complained this week about being so hot.  She claims she doesn't get roles because she looks so 'modern' (whatever that means.  What did she do to try and be taken seriously as an actress and let  her skills rise above her looks?  Oh you know, took the lead role in a movie about a stripper.  These Hollywood people are so dumb.

News, I'm Gonna Start Watching it, Sort of
I don't watch the news, at all.  I rarely read the front page of the Dispatch or any other paper, so it normally takes me a while to find out about something.  Really unless a story impacts sports or is funny enough to show up on Best Week Ever or Yahoo headlines, I probably don't even know it happened.  My parents have been telling me for a while I need to watch the news, but I can never get motivated to do it.  I have been curious the past few weeks as to why gas has gone up a Curtis Jackson, so I thought the news might help me find out why.  Per the other Meatball's suggestion, I'm going to TRY to check out headlines on CNN.com once a day.  Today I learned that a rapper I've never heard of (Dolla) was shot in California yesterday and that CNN doesn't do a good job of editing (it's probably been corrected by the time you click on it, but the headline neglected to put a C in California).  All these stories about Cali, what happened to East Coast Bias?

Mine That Bird Update
My boy impressed me again last week at the Preakness.  The horse in slot 1, Big Drama, earned his name by jumping around pre-race to the point where he bucked off the lilliputian riding him (you can see that at the 14-second mark of this video).  MTB was in the 2-hole, as cool as playoff baseball weather, a picture of tranquility as chaos erupted to his left.  He pulled the same move he did two weeks prior, getting pinched early and falling behind the pack.  This time around, however, the announcers noticed him, which may have led to his downfall as it was expected he would make a rally this time around.  

At the 2:21 mark of the video (1:11 into the race) he starts to do work and attempts a similar run to the one he made at Churchill Downs.  Unfortunately for him (and me), he just couldn't get to the inside and overtake the Filly, Rachael Alexandra.  By not being as far back as he was in the Derby, he didn't have his pick of what line to take approaching the leader and had to come outside.  Due to the extra work he put in gaining ground, he was only able to sniff the Filly's tail at the finish line.  

I swear on all of my reader's lives that if that race was another 20 feet, MTB would be heading to New York in search of the Triple Crown.  Not including the bets they placed on him, MTB has made his owners $1.8 million after being purchased for the measly sum of $9,500.  

Another reason I love this horse, he accomplished one of my lifetime goals: getting his own wikipedia page.  And he's only 3 years old, I'm 24, and what have I got to show?

Link of the week: Helen Keller Simulator.  Sort of in bad taste, but I mean she died like 60 years ago, so I think the statute of limitations applies.
Text From Last Night of the week(732): my mkouth tastes houw teh zoo smelllls
Word of the week: Rumba, meaning a group of rattlesnakes.  Here's more funny names of animal groupings.  My faves are Warren of Rabbits, Ostentation of Peacocks, Wisdom of Wombats, and Mob of Emus.
Baby game of the week: Hayden Panettiere (she's 20, it's cool)
Baby game of the week 2:  Kelly Brook looking wonderful.  I still have no idea who she is.
New Cut of the week: Kinda Like a Big Deal - Clipse ft. Kanye West


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