Thursday, May 7, 2009

Handicapped Meatball

Hurting my blog game severely

Now is the time for Pelle to be the Matt Cassell to my Tom Brady (you better believe I just compared myself to #12) because with my hand wrapped up I'm back to hunting and pecking like a 3rd grader.  This sentence is literally taking me five minutes to type and I'm a better hunter and pecker than the child of Daniel Boone and Pamela Anderson would be.  I need Mikey to step in my shoes for the next couple of weeks before I can blog ,y face off again.

Speaking of Tom Brady, 5-0 searched him almost a thousand times last year.  I can't blame them, I mean the The Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information system is like a more advanced facebook with more crucial info.  What do you think they'd see if my facebook history was exposed?  Probably something like this: ex, guy I went to HS with, cute girl I had class with five years ago, friend, hot friend of one of my friends who I met once, old roommate I haven't talked to since get the point.  Who knows the scope of people I'd look up if I had that kind of search engine!?

In other Boston sports heroes news, Man-Ram got pinched.  I am completely unfazed by this announcement.  Sad for baseball, but happy that it should silence some Sawx fans from chirping at A-Rod this summer, since the man that broke the curse was juiced as well.  At this point, if Jetes failed a test, or Ripken admitted using, or we saw a BALCO receipt with Craig Biggio's name on it, I won't be surprised at all.  Disappointed immensely, but not surprised at all, which is a depressing thing to say.

Courtesy of the McMeatball, Slevy, you can bet on LeBron's 2010 destination at Sportsbook.  Current lines are as follows:
Cleveland +150
New York +170
New Jersey + 350
Detroit + 550

There is no chance he goes to Motown.  It might be a ghost town by 2010 if I'm honest.  OK, hand is hurting, no more typing,  it's about to be Vicodin and The Office time!

Babygame of the week: Minka Kelly (be sure to click through the whole gallery)
A link for my friends who hate their jobs.


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  1. Would you update your damn blog, already? You nursing this finger has gotten way out of line. For real...Just b/c I refuse to be your facebook friend doesn't mean I don't follow your blog. Geez.