Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hey, Americans: Please Stop Doing These Annoying Things

  • Don't leave me a voicemail that says "Call me." That's the point of phones logging missed calls, guy.
  • Don't, unless we are close friends, or we are dating (for a while), or you are in my immediate family, say "it's me" when you're at the door or calling from an unrecognized number. How am I supposed to remember more than a dozen people's voices, out of context.
  • Don't walk in the elevator as soon as it dings, there might be people in there trying to get out.
  • Speaking of elevators, don't press your own button and then just stand there. When you walk in first you automatically become 'person who gets to press the buttons' person. Ask me and our fellow guests what floor we're going to and hit the little button, not that hard.
  • If I'm trying to give you money, buy something from you, drop clothes off at a goodwill, etc. tell me you're not open or you just closed. This is why the recession happened. I'M TRYING TO BUY SOMETHING, let me be a consumer.
  • Don't ask me to sit down when I'm at the ballpark/ice rink/arena/stadium and my team is losing late and we need a rally.
  • Don't come empty-handed as a house-guest. If you plan on spending the night at someone's house, bring a 6-pack of beer at the minimum as a Thank You. Exceptions include one of your 2-3 closest friend's house, some family members and random late nights where you just crash on a couch.
  • Don't change lanes without your blinker. It's annoying, rude and kind of dangerous. Yeah, schmuck in the drop top Miata, I'm talking about you.
  • Don't talk to strangers about politics.
  • When you're at a party, or other social engagement, don't hold your drink in your right hand. Who wants to shake a person's cold wet hand when you meet them? No one.

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