Sunday, September 19, 2010

NFL Observations

-There are five teams named after birds (Eagles, Ravens, Falcons, Seahawks, Cardinals)
-Four teams share the common theme of cats (Panthers, Jaguars, Bengals, Lions)
-The next most popular connected nicknames are horses (Colts, Broncos), pirates (Raiders, Buccaneers) and Native Americans (Chiefs, Redskins), with two each.
-Did you know the Vikings play at Mall of America Field? Interesting sponsorship decision there. If you live in Minneapolis or thereabouts, don't you HAVE to go there to buy clothes, electronics, jewelry, etc.? It's the biggest mall in the country, I just don't get the sponsorship. Are they competing with other rinky dink town malls around the Twin Cities?
-Running Back seems like the only major position in sports where having a tandem works so effectively, to the point that almost every team employees that strategy. It wouldn't work at QB, point guard, shortstop, etc.
-Instead of charging money for checking bags, why didn't airlines just build it into the cost of airfare? We expect things to increase in price over time (food, airfare, gas, rent, etc.) so why not just increase ticket prices gradually over six or twelve months. It just creates more problems when people stop wanting to check bags, over-stuff their carry-ons, and therefore shove these huge bags in the overhead or under the chair.
-How annoying must it be for James Brown and the studio hosts to have to run over the same game update several times for each game going on? I mean I'd still take the gig, but it's got to get tired calling the same TD play back to back to back.

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