Friday, January 14, 2011

“Action is a B****”

Guest Post from a first timer The Ghassball.

If you're confused by the title, you should be. That's precisely what Buddhists and Hindus see when LeBron James tweets about karma. Let's revisit the tweet for any of you that live under a rock (no offense, it's just that I doubt living under a rock gets you access to good information, that's all):

"Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. It's not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees

First of all, karma isn't a bitch. It doesn't pee on fire hydrants, beg for scraps of dinner, or invite you out on a date only to show up to your table making out with some other guy. Karma is the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy used as a path to becoming a better, more selfless person. It means “action” in Sanskrit.

What's amazing to me is how he uses karma to make fun of someone. Karma's purpose is to show you that your actions impact many people and therefore should be as selfless and charitable as possible. In tweeting about karma in order to insult people, LeBron is showing that he is wholeheartedly ignorant of the entire philosophy. But why doesn't that stop him from talking about it? In the words of the Dalai Lama:

"We can conceive the nature of mind in terms of the water in a lake. When the water is stirred up by a storm, the mud from the lake's bottom clouds it, making it appear opaque. But the nature of the water is
not dirty."

To continue with this analogy, what is it that's clouding LeBron's water? As any Cavs fan can tell you, he's never behaved like such an openly ignorant way. Ten months ago he was “wise beyond his years” and now he's being an absolute idiot. He went from the most beloved athlete on the planet to being hated everywhere he goes. So what is it? Dan Gilbert's letter and Cleveland's angry response to LeBron.

Dan Gilbert writes an incredibly childish letter to LeBron and everyone laughed at him for it. But, it appears to still be sticking with LeBron. He's behaving like an idiot right now, and we can say that Dan Gilbert may have done this to him. Does that make Gilbert smart? No. But the more LeBron tries to act nice and smart (and fails), the more Dan Gilbert comes out on top.

One championship and Gilbert is a saint in Cleveland. LeBron could win three championships and
would hardly be meeting the expectations he set (he said he could bring seven rings to Miami. Tough to do on a six-year contract).

But, to continue with all of this would just be to bicker even further. Both of these men acted like children and it's about damn time we get back to talking primarily about basketball, not religion.

The two may never be fully separated, but nobody organized basketball as a way to talk religion. To everyone involved, from Cavs fans, to Dan Gilbert, to LeBron and everyone else. Take the advice of the Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna:
"O King, act in such a way that the ruined don't ruin you."

"Get back to worrying about the high pick and roll since both of your teams have such slow point guards and no center."

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