Monday, April 20, 2009

Been gone for a minute but now I'm back for the jumpoff

Sorry for the hiatus, peeps.  It was rough writing about sports after watching my mighty RedHawks of Miami lose the hockey national championship after having a two-goal lead with a minute to go.  

In honor of the NHL playoffs, I thought I'd put together a list of my favorite and most annoying players, by positsh.  

Most annoying team in the NHL:
LW: Sean Avery: I like him, but he annoys me when he isn't playing for the Rangers (and sometimes he still does).  He is a clown and not normally in the good way.
C, Sidney Crosby:  Sorry, I meant to put this link up, honest.  OK, this one.  Amazing player, great for the game, probably will win a couple of championships, but just annoying to hear about allllllll the time.
RW, Brian Gionta: He's just so little (5'7") but so effective (20-40-60 this year).  That little pest from down the street you used to play ball with coming up who would just run around all the big guys and hit a jumper.
D, Scott Niedermayer: Mostly because he looks so old.  You look like one of the players' grandpas.  
D, Adam Foote: Screwed around with the Jackets' organization.  You shouldn't do that at all, especially as captain.  Also his nose is difficult to look at.
G, Marty Turco: This was a tough call between him and Roberto Luongo.  Although Luongo is a greasy haired, slippery guy who looks like he would smell in person, my personal beef with Jerko extends back two years.  We've got history, what can I say?

My favorite guys:
LW, Rick Nash: The captain of my adopted team, Freeway speaks softly and carries a big stick.  
C, Brad Richards: His shot is very very sneaky.  The former Conn Smythe winner could snap a shot or make a pass at any time, it's so tough to tell what he's going to do.
RWJarome Iginla: Score a goal, then punch you in the face if you're acting up.  
D, Mike Commodore: What's not to like about a big Ginger who throws down when you need him to and loves to make it rain?
D, Trevor Daley: Partially because I used to see him around the practice facility a lot, but mostly because he wins the Norris for me every year on my NHL 2009 dynasty.
G, Henrik Lundqvist: Another toughie in the goalie category.  I love my man in Columbus, Baby Fason Mason, but Lundqvist's nickname is King.  How can you argue with that?  Also he doesn't take crap from Ice Girls and you gotta respect that.  Act right when you're in the King's Castle, babygame.

Tough omissions from the fave team: C, Christ Drury; LW, Alex Ovechkin; G, Steve Mason; D, Dan Boyle.

Grow a beard, do it for the kids.  Watch out for the Lions this season, they might go 1-15! Very good texting advise for all levels of dating, rather important in 2009.

Word of the week: Loquacious: Full of excessive talk (kind of like this blog sometimes)

Babygame of the week: Classic Lindsay Lohan.


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