Friday, April 3, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman, Introducing Bozo the Clown

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a Steeler fan (and a Yankee fan). The reason I'm stating this is because I want that out in the open before I go any further. When reading this, you'll probably think that I am a very biased Steeler fan, but I assure you I can view the NFL with an open mind and know that the Steelers aren't the best team every single year. This is an old article, dating back to January 20Th, 2009. But, Jesse and I do this for fun, when I read an article from A writer who gets paid to write this garbage it's a slap in the face to any person who has a high school diploma.

This guy, we'll call him Bozo because he is such an absolute clown, is clearly upset that the Steelers at this point in time were going to their 7Th Super Bowl. I guess I'd be pretty upset too if my stud QB went down during the first game of the season after he won 18 games last year, but didn't win any meaningful games none the less. He calls the Steelers cheap shot artists and thugs. First off, if the point of the article is to call the Steelers thugs and cheap shot artists for their bone crushing hits during the 2008-09 season, shouldn't he stay on course throughout the article and ultimately nail your point down at the end? Later in the article he goes on this tangent about getting calls as late as 2005. Favorable calls? Really? The tuck rule was invented because of the Patriots, talk about getting calls. He claims the Steelers have been cheap shot artists since Cowher took over. Whining about Lee Flowers, Jason Gildon, Kimo Von Oelhoffen, Ryan Clark, Hines Ward, and Deshea Townsend. I mean, this guy is really pissed off, but back to my point, how does this guy get paid to write articles? He goes on another tangent when he thinks that the media is so obsessed with the Steelers because the announcers constantly defend the Steelers. How does this defend his point? On top of that, Tom Brady gets jerked off on tv more than he does from Giselle. This guy is clueless. Plus, doesn't every New England sports writer have to bite their tongue when talking about other teams? The Patriots cheated, how can you not tear up the Pats and rip on another team? The Steelers might crack you upside the head, but atleast they didn't have some staff member filming the game with a JVC camcorder. Oh, I almost forgot...shouldn't a writer know the rules of the game that he is writing about? Yes, a writer should.

So Bozo, why is it that you mention helmet to helmet hits several times in the article, but fail to define the helmet - to - helmet rule. A player cannot lead with his helmet. The game we are talking about here is football. Helmets are going to hit. When a player leads with his shoulder and their helmets collide, that is a perfectly legal hit. Both cases this year Ryan Clark lead with his shoulder and their helmets collided and he even got fined for the Wes Welker hit. Randy Cross and Phil Simms stated that when McGahee was lying on the ground (Noone touches Lawrence Timmons, why did the ref blow the whistle - run in the endzone, run the score up -oops, sorry that was my steeler side getting greedy) that the hit was legal. I would most certainly believe Phil Simms, an ex NFL qauarterback over Bozo who is a part time clown when he isn't writing filth.

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