Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Draft Hangover

How classic is the Celts/ Bulls series?  As I'm writing this, they've just started OT in Game 5 after having gone to extra period(s) in Game 1 and Game 4 and having Game 2 get decided on the last pozzesh.  

I don't blame you for not watching  the Celtics vs. Bulls, since the NFL draft took over our lives last weekend (and the week before with mock after mock).  For the parts I watched, it was much more exciting with just 10 minutes in between picks rather than the 15 as in the past.  I like the move the Jets made, moving up to get Sanchez.  As a Fins fan, their team makes me nervous in 2009, but I am ecstatic about getting Pat White in the second round.  The greatest player in WVU history was born to play in Miami's wildcat formation.  With his ability to pass or run out of that setup, the media will have to come up with a new name for the exciting offense.  Maybe wildERcat?  How about wildlion?  I don't know, I'm not paid to commentate on sports (yet), so I'll leave it up to the professionals to decide. 

There's a new poll up at the side to gauge how well you feel your team drafted.  I thought the Bengals did about as well as anyone.  That is weird to say, since the only thing they usually do well is get arrested and give teenage girls alcohol.

The Rap-Up:

Apparently Jay-Z's next release is a 'full fledged classic.'  That's good, now all it needs is a solid release date.  In other G.O.A.T. news, Eminem's new CD's track list has been leaked, but who even cares?  You can't tell how sweet a song is going to be by looking at what the name of it is.

Links of the week:
Watch out LC, Kristin Callivari is back.  This website has been around for a while, but it's still hilarious.  This guy is rather new, but is just as funny.  Any list that doesn't have Megan Fox as the sexiest woman in the universe is wrong.  Long time readers will remember my Bear Grylls
 vs. Les Stroud tale of the tape (AKA Bear love fest).  As any other 24-year old male in America, I also enjoy a good helping of Will Ferrell, so when I heard the two were teaming up for a Man vs. Wild episode to promote Ferrell's new movie, I almost peed my pants from the excitement.  Like cute hamster pictures?  Me too.  But not enough to make a whole website about it.

Word of the week: archaic: so extremely old as seeming to belong to another period.

Babygame of the week: Rachel Hunter, 40, and still really really pretty.


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