Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day Tidbits and Jesse's Seaon Picks

In his 2008 Cy Young season, Indians ace Cliff Lee did not give up seven earned runs until his 59th inning pitched.  In 2009, it took him just 4+ innings to give up 7 ER.  

In other former Indians Cy Young winner news, CC Sabathia got CCrushed today in Baltimore, giving up 6 ER in 4.1 innings without a strikeout to his name.  

JOKE TIME: CC's ERA and Lee's ERA were hanging out by the 7-11 the today when CC's ERA said to Lee's, "Hey man, let's go see Fast and Furious at the movie theatre."  Lee's ERA thought about it, then piped up, "Isn't it rated PG-13, how old are we? I mean I was only two and a half last year, and weren't you not much older than that?"  

CC's ERA chimed back in with a chuckle, "Yea bro, but I'm 12 and a half this year and you're even older than that, we could pass for 13.  And besides if that doesn't work, you can just stand on my shoulders and we can get a discount on car insurance."

ATTENTION LADIES: If you want me or Mikey to date you, wearing this at Slevy's lake this summer will absolutely catch our eyes.  Also, looking like this will help a lot.

I'm in a little group that picks a bunch of different baseball categories with each costing $1 and being worth up to $10 each season (or more if no one wins the year before).  It's called "The Game" and here are all my picks for the upcoming season for your viewing pleasure:

NL East Mets
NL Central Cubs
NL West Dodgers
AL East Yankees
AL Central Indians
AL West Athletics
NL Champ Cubs
AL Champ Yankees
WS Champ Yankees
NL Cy Young Santana
AL Cy Young Halladay
NL MVP Pujols
AL MVP Sizemore
NL Wildcard Phillies
AL Wildcard Red Sox
Best Record Cubs
Worst Record Pirates
AL Manager Hillman
NL Manager Baker
NL 1st Base SS Pujols


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  1. JOKE TIME: so reigning indians cy young winner walks into a brand new, never-been-played-in ballpark... you know where im going with this.

    heart you j$!