Thursday, March 11, 2010

JR Smith's Dunk isn't Sick, It has the Black Plague

More ridiculous than anything done at last month's Slam Dunk Contest.

St. Patty's Day is around the corner so this weekend should be fun. It's around this time that I get sick of the Irish-Americans and all their Mickery. Why can't Columbus Day be 5% of the celebration that St. Patrick's Day is? What have Irish done for this country that's more important than the Italian contribution? An Italian (with money from Spain) discovered this country (not really) and it's name is derived from an Italian Explorer. For Pete's sake, the city I live in was named after Cristobal Columbo and we didn't even have a parade here.

The Clocktower goes golfing with some of his boys, goes and out gets drunk, tries to hook up in a bathroom and it's national news because of a young lady seemingly (with the information released as of today) have a case of revisionist history. C'mon girl. Get off my boy's back. Who, among you, hasn't done one or all three of those things? Maybe not the stall, but behind the bar, in an alley. Either way, it's the second time his name has been brought up in this situation, so maybe he needs to bring a stack of those Dave Chappelle consensual sex contracts with him when he goes out.

Marion Jones is joining the WNBA. I mean, is there any chance that a 35-year-old former male college player who hasn't balled consistently in almost 15 years make the NBA. The league is a joke, women's pro sports make me giggle.

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