Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The New Rating System for Girls

Let's face it, the 1-10 rating system for the fairer sex is archaic. A college friend who I'm not that close with (Schreibeis) came up with a new one that was passed to me through a mutual closer friend, The Lube Tube. It's a three number system going from 0 0 0 to 10 1 10.

First Number
The first thing you see, in most cases: the young lady's face. It's on a traditional scale of 1-10 and some would say the most important number. Regardless of how dime-ish a girl's body is, you still have to look at her face.

Second Number
It's the binary code...0 or 1. 0 means you wouldn't. 1 means you would. This is the simplest of the three digits. According to The Ladder Theory, all girls are a 1, but I can't say I agree with it.
Third Number
In the words of R. Kelly, "Girl you know you got a body-ody-ody." Babygirl's figure is the final figure in the equation. A butterface could still rate highly based on this category, say a 319.

Why is this the Future?
It was extremely difficult to describe the attractiveness of a woman to your boys in the late 20th century. A girl with a Coke bottle figure and a rough grill presents a major challenge. Is she a 6 because of her face or a 8 because of the body? Neither, she's a 519. BOOM. Learn it. Use it. Love it.


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