Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meatballs March Madness Picks!

1st Round: Kansas vs. Northern Iowa, Michigan State vs. Maryland, Tennessee vs. Georgetown, Georgia Tech vs. Ohio State
2nd Round: Kansas vs. Maryland, Georgetown vs. Ohio State
Sweet 16: Kansas vs. Ohio State
Elite 8: Ohio State

1st Round: Syracuse vs. Gonzaga, Butler vs. Vanderbilt, Xavier vs. Pittsburgh, BYU vs. Kansas State
2nd Round: Syracuse vs. Butler, Xavier vs. Kansas State
Sweet 16: Syracuse vs. Kansas State
Elite 8: Syracuse

1st Round: Kentucky vs. Wake Forest, Temple vs. Wisconsin, Marquette vs. New Mexico, Missouri vs. West Virginia
2nd Round: Kentucky vs. Wisconsin, New Mexico vs. West Virginia
Sweet 16: Kentucky vs. West Virginia
Elite 8: Kentucky

1st Round: Duke vs. Louisville, Utah State vs. Purdue, Notre Dame vs. Baylor, Richmond vs. Villanova
2nd Round: Duke vs. Utah State, Notre Dame vs. Richmond
Sweet 16: Duke vs. Notre Dame
Elite 8: Notre Dame

Championship Weekend
Final 4: Ohio State vs. Syracuse, Kentucky vs. Notre Dame
Championship: Syracuse vs. Kentucky
2010 NCAA National Champion: KENTUCKY

I know it's crazy to have ND make the F4, but I have beef with all the teams ahead of them in that region. Duke (1) just hasn't had it in the Dance since the middle of the last decade; Villanova (2) has played poorly for the last two weeks and are probably over-seeded; Baylor (3) doesn't have the big wins that I'd look for for a team to go deep; Purdue (4) is without its best player and I have Texas A&M (5) losing in the first round in the classic 12/5 upset. So it's not that I love ND, it's just I don't like anyone ahead of them very much.


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