Monday, March 22, 2010

Frozen Four Picks

Where I hope to be in three weeks

I clearly showed I don't know a ton about college basketball considering one of my Final Four teams lost in the FIRST GAME OF THE DANCE. I rallied though and ended up with three of four still alive (UK, 'Cuse, OSU). Let's play a game to see how much I know about college hockey. Here's a link to the bracket of the 2010 NCAA Men's Hockey D1 Tournament and here are my picks:

Regionals: Miami vs. Michigan; North Dakota vs. Boston College; Denver vs. Cornell; Northern Michigan vs. Wisconsin
Frozen Four: Miami vs. North Dakota; Denver vs. Wisconsin
Championship: Miami vs. Wisconsin
MIAMI REDHAWKS (obviously) win the 'Ship!!!

How many Sweet 16 teams do you have left? I've got eight.

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  1. 8 as well, but i had kansas winning the title soooo....