Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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What are kids thinking these days? I won't get detailed so as not to be extremely unprofessional, but my job has me interviewing current students and recent college graduates, and I'm taken aback by some of their behavior. No one sends thank you cards anymore; they rarely leave their phone numbers when leaving a message; cover letters are often generic and addressed to TWiMC; and they print their resumes on printer paper more often than you'd think.

-Lights Out
Yeah yeah, it's a boxing story about a former champ who was robbed in a split decision coming out of retirement. BOOOOOOOOORING. Except it's not. Holt McCallany is straight bringing it as the ex-heavyweight king and the supporting actors that make up his family have some good storylines as well. Not to mention the girl who plays is oldest daughter is a cutie patootie. So basically, if you're not watching it, start watching it, FX Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

-Yankees Predictions
Cisco Cervelli makes the roster as the backup catcher, but Zeus Montero replaces him by the Kentucky Derby after the kid lights up AAA. Freddy Garcia and Ivan Nova win the awful battle to round out the rotation and go on to win 13 and 11 games, respectively. Jeter bounces back, but not quite to his 2009 form. After all he is in his late 30s and settling down with a dimepiece, so you can't expect the world from him. GGBG is slotted permanently in the leadoff spot after the All-Star Break as a result of Jeter not getting on base enough.

-Pelle's MLB Predictions
Remember him? Before Major League and the Gusball, the Pelican used to write posts on here. He emailed me his baseball outlook, and I'm sharing it with the people...
AL Playoff Teams: Red Sox (East), Tigers (Central), A's (West) and Yankees (Wildcard)
NL Playoff TeamsPhillies (East), Brewers (Central), Rockies (West) and Cardinals (Wildcard)
ALCS: Yankees vs. Red Sox
NLCS: Brewers vs. Phillies
World Series: Yankees vs. Phillies

He didn't explicitly give me a winner, but you gotta think he went with the Bombers.

-Knicks Playoff Chances
They CAN beat any team in the Eastern Conference in a series outside of Boston with their new lineup. They WILL beat Atlanta, Chicago and Orlando if that is the first round matchup. Otherwise, they will be in a classic series, losing in six or seven against Miami, but get clowned in five games if they meet Boston in round one. Next year, the Knicks will be undoubtedly be a top three seed in the resurgent East. Dream scenario would have the Knicks as a 6-seed, playing the Bulls in round one and the Heat in round two. Good for basketball to get those big market matchups and evoke nostalgia from the 1990s. Also good for the Bockers on account of their 4-2 record against the aforementioned opponents.

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