Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going In on Cavs Fans

I know a lot of Clevelanders are *really* excited (OMG!!!!) that the Cavs beat the Heat last night. In Quicken Loans Arena. Good for you. I'm surprised that Dan Gilbert hasn't written a letter about it for the website yet.

I was feeling bad for you guys for a while this season, at least those of you who were Cavs fans during the Mark Price and Ricky Davis eras (AKA Pre-Lebron). You know I wanted him in a Knicks jersey but even if he had taken his talents to the Garden, the way he left still would have been so salty. But, I don't commiserate with y'all any more. Not after the myriad Facebook statuses and tweets about how this win makes up for all the losses this year; how redeeming it was; how good it felt to stuff it in LeBron's face; and so forth. I'll hit you with this analogy to sum up how silly a thought that is to have: it's like a girl who got ceremoniously dumped in front everyone by her awesome boyfriend. She's in shambles, only ugly, boring guys want to date her and she's having her worst year in a decade. Meanwhile, the guy embarrassed her is doing just fine, getting serious with a fox and not spending much time worried about how his ex is doing. Then one night, when they're both at the same party, the girl and her date look better and tear it up on the dancefloor while the ex and his new girl have an off-night with bad hair days and upset stomachs. He's still going home with a dimepiece and is a healthier relationship, meanwhile, 364 days a year, she is going to her dingy apartment with the date she doesn't even like that much.

How does that one night make all those awful evenings worth it? I guess it's this simple: girls are crazy, and so are Cavs fans.

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  1. you cant even compare sports to dating. that's the dumbest analogy. why cant Cleveland fans be happy for one night. EVERYONE EXPECTED THEM TO GET BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER. they proved tonight why people watch spots. for upsets and why hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

    the season is a wash for the team and everyones ok with it in cleveland. the underlying message behind it is that fans didnt have to show up for the game. they could have said fuck it. but the fact that they showed up says a lot that stand behind their city. its more of the building upon foundation blocks for next season.

    so if you were feeling bad for them all season, why not share in the joy that they were able to beat the guy who didnt join the knicks. because in the end, you want the heat to loose for playoff standings right?

    meanwhile, next season, cleveland wont be sitting in a dingy apartment.