Tuesday, May 17, 2011

C'mon Royals

That's gorgeous

Why did you leave this kid in there for 14 runs? Clearly he was getting people out at the same frequency as Aroldis Chapman this year. Not going to do him any good emotionally or mentally knowing that his ERA went out after the game to buy beers.

Supersize Me. Cute movie, Morgan Spurlock. Thought it was tough doing it for a month? This guy is slamming Big Macs (Terry Tate voice) EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

I don't have any advanced metrics or good reason why this is happening...but since April 25, over 21 games, the New York Yankees have scored more than  five runs just twice. Two times. Dos vez. Pathetic. A May record of 5-10 is not a good look for the pinstripes.

Darren Rovell has to be kidding with this article right? A bit of hyperbole (did I use that word correctly?) to already think this pony is winning the Triple Crown to begin with, and furthermore, that one out of every five people paying $20 to what - look at a horse, maybe take its picture - is conservative... This guy usually give great insight, but then every once in a while he tosses out some droll like this that makes me think he has no idea what the business of sports and entertainment is about. One out of five people!? HA! Try one out of 40 or 50.

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