Thursday, July 14, 2011

Women's Soccer: Is it a Sport?

People are going crazy about the Women's World Cup match from the other day, when the US had a miraculous goal to tie Brazil in Extra Time. They eventually won in Penalty Kicks.

Typing that sentence makes me so mad about Soccer. Extra Time? No one really know's exactly how long it's going to be, which is stupid. What if every time a baseball player fouled a ball off his leg or tweaked a hammy stretching out a double, they laid on the ground for 45 seconds...should we add a random number of extra outs to the game in the 9th inning? Or what about if it's tied after 12 innings, should each team have to send five guys to the plate for a Home Run Derby? It's one thing to allow this in regular seasons, but in big tournaments, it's straight clowntown.

Back to the matter at hand. We'll call Soccer a sport, albeit one of the more boring ones invented, so that's official. BUT, by law, any sport, when played by women is inherently less interesting than when it's played by men. I might say something else here if I was inspired to write this after hearing about any other non-World Cup game, the bottom line might be different. However, if you know the Meatballs, you know we're massive fans of America. So there's no way I can't call it not a sport after getting pumped when the one girl kicked the ball far to the other girl who used her head to hit it into the massive net against Brazil.

VERDICT: It's a Sport


  1. "by law, any sport, when played by women is inherently less interesting than when it's played by men."

    WRONG. Women's volleyball.

  2. does that mean Gus can post comments??

    in regards to said comment, I stand corrected.

  3. Yes, I fixed the problem. (or, it just randomly showed up and worked for some reason starting this morning).

  4. I think only womens beach / sand volleyball should be counted.