Friday, July 1, 2011

New Wednesday Special: Is it a Sport?

Hoping this new series will be like Metamucil for this blog and keep me posting something regular on Hump Day. It was somewhat inspired by the spirited blog battle between Gus and I regarding Rock Paper Scissors. The first sport up for debate is Bowling.

At first thought, I want to say no, but let's talk about it before casting judgement. It requires very little athleticism, but a lot of coordination. Definitely much more physical activity than Rock Paper Scissors or Chess, but not nearly as much as say, Fencing or Golf. Here's a big strike against it: you can't play defense. Now, every endeavor that I'll consider a sport doesn't require defense, but it's a huge, huge part of it. 

Bowling requires slightly more motion, less coordination and about the same level of fitness as surgery...and I'm not calling Dr. James Andrews an athlete. As I mentioned earlier, bowling just doesn't feel like a sport to me. It's on ESPN, but so is the Spelling Bee and billiards, that doesn't validate those activities as sports. You move your wrist a little and take a few steps forward, which is less movement than is required in dance. Bowling is more fun with some beers and playing it in jeans and a tee for small bets than it is for real competition. Yeah, that's in my opinion, because it's on my blog, so regard it as a fact. 

I lettered in Bowling in High School, mostly to wasted time and meet chicks from other schools (note: HS bowling teams aren't usually stocked with hotties, I learned). I didn't consider it a sport then. and I don't now.


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