Wednesday, February 11, 2009

News for the People

Mo Williams and the whiny Cavs finally got their wish as he was named to the NBA All Star Game.  Where's the love for my boy Tenacious Lee?  Second in the league in double doubles to Dwight Howard, his numbers have gotten better almost each month.

This is for you, Troy Aikman.  Congratulations on finally graduating from UCLA as a 42-year old.  Nola Ochs pisses on your diploma, by the way, youngster.

Someone, please teach Lindsey Vonn how to party.  Come on, Lindsey, either have someone pop bottles for you, or just stick to boxed wine.

Yawnville, USA.  Population Brett Favre.  I'll consider him retired when I see his funeral live on some day.

Baberaham Lincoln, for reals.  For once in my life, I'll support the New Jersey Nets.

Since pitchers and catchers report tomorrow for some teams, check out this ultimate lineup compiled of movie baseball players over on

Stamp prices are going up again.  With e-mail, scanners, online bill pay, texts, video chat and so forth, shouldn't the USPS drop their prices to get people to actually send mail again?

Brooklyn Decker is a straight babygame.  Probably NOT a link you want to click on if you are at work. (NSFW)

Chris Breezy better watch his back after slapping around Rihanna.  Hova's pissed!

Check back later this week for the next part in the "What your ___ says about you" series.  In the spirit of this week's Westminster Dog Show, we will examine "What Your Dog Says About You."  Also, once the situation has calmed down a bit, I'll provide my thoughts on A-Rod and his current situation.


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