Sunday, February 15, 2009

What your Dog Says About You

As promised, it's time to take a look at what the pup says about the person.

Bloodhound: You're probably a hunter, maybe living in the south.  Most of the time you prefer staying in, but oh boy, once deer season hits, you put your funny camouflage clothes on and go shoot bambis.

Alaskan Malamute: Hopefully you live in Antartica, the Yukon, Greenland or Alaska (obvi) and you live in such a remote village, you don't have the Internet and are not reading this.  Also, you're favorite words are 'Mush!' and 'Hah!'

Labrador Retriever: PB&J, Apple Pie, Chevrolet, Baseball, Budweiser.  You are just a regular American, owning the most popular breed in the country.  Congratulations on being unoriginal and plain.  You're probably named Sarah or John, by the way.

Chihuahua: Oh darn!  They didn't have that new Fendi purse you wanted at Bloomie's so you went out on got a puppy instead.  I mean, little dogs are hot this year.  What do you mean I have to feed it?  Gross it just peed on my Manolo Blahniks.

St. Bernard: You're a responsible person.  People depend on you to save them in winter and give them some whiskey from the cask around your dog's neck.  Other than leaving the cabin for a rescue, you probably just stick around the house and lay by the fire.

Dalmatian: You've got some money and some land, because as we all know, Dalmatians are always born in litters of close to 100.  I imagine you're a patient person as well, because it would make the average person pull their hair out having to walk, feed and pick up after that many pooches.

Snoop Dogg: Most likely, you're Dr Dre.  

German Shepherd: You could be a cop.  I mean the dog's not really yours it belongs to the station, but it loves you the most.  Come on, you taught it how to sniff for explosives, right?


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