Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A-Rod and Steroids

Pop Quiz: Name the first ever draft pick for the three most recent NBA expansion teams (don't look it up on the internet).  For your reference, that's the Charlotte Bobcats, the Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies and the Toronto Raptors.
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As you come to MITM, I'm sure the one thing you can't wait to hear about is Alex Rodriguez and his being caught and then later admitting he took steroids from 2001- 2003.  No one is talking about that, so I figured it's time for me to break the silence and add my input.

First, a regret.  I really wish I would have liveblogged yesterday's press conference because there was so much going on I wanted to comment on.  One example, about 15 minutes into the question portion and this random woman stands up and says something to the effect of, "I'm going to ask this in Spanish and there is no need for translation," and then goes on to ask a fairly long question to A-Rod.  He aptly replies in Spanish and the crowd of 200 and TV audience of hundreds of thousands are terrible confused.  I heard Mike Francesca commented on this later in the day in a way that summed up my thoughts.  Who does this chick think she is that her question doesn't need to be translated?  Me and thousands of others tried to pull back our HS or college Spanish classes and try to understand what she said to no avail.  

I forgot most of my other poignant comments, but take a look at this video.  Johnny, I've enjoyed your time as a Yankee, your free spirit and all that jazz, but don't comment on A Rod anymore, you sound silly.  Transporting illegal drugs internationally is without a doubt against the law.  Also, you couldn't think of ONE other thing besides murder that is worse than taking 'a steroid'?  How about running a dog fighting ring, selling crack to kids, rape, robbing a bank, stabbing someone, mugging an old lady?  Any of those work for you, guy?  But some of the blame here is on Hannah Storm.  You've been a journalist for 19 years, the best follow up question you could come up with is "What's worse that A-Rod could have done?"?  Come on, if you're not being honest with yourself that you ask silly questions, how can you be honest with Katie Couric?

A-Rod would be better served by identifying this  mysterious 'cousin' that he roided up with.  Give the guy a year's salary and let the press rip into him so his claim as some legitimacy to it.  Who even knows if this person is real or not.  If not, I'll pretend I am for $28 mil and answer some questions.  Where can I sign up for that?

Regarding the actual steroid issue, it's extremely disappointing to hear that a(nother) marquee player on my favorite team has been caught/admitted to taking steroids.  Especially a guy like that who was supposed to legitimize the all time HR record.  What do we do know, put our hope on Pujols until he gets caught cheating in five or six years?  Here's another way to look at the situation.  If you could get a shot in the toosh that helped you excel at your job, would you not take it?  Everyone is tossing back pills/rubbing creams/injecting needles that allows them to make more sales, reach more people, close more deals, etc. but you.  Don't get on a high horse and say you wouldn't knock something back to give you the edge.  

I say we just let the last 15/next 10 years be known as the Steroid Era and leave the records as they are.  If we put asterisks next to Bonds numbers then we must do the same for the Babe's since he was knocking bombs when black pitchers were in a completely different league!  

John Henry, how about a nice hot cup of SHUTTIE!  You don't win either of your 'ships with a salary cap in place.  Remember, the Sawx were the first team (and only until the Phils I believe) to win a 'ship with a payroll over $100 mil.

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Word of the week: mollycoddle.  It means to be overprotective and indulgent toward; to pamper.

Weird video of the week: Me and Stephon (Thanks to Alex for posting this on my wall)

Pop Quiz answers: Emeka Okafor, Bryant 'Big Country' Reeves, and Damon Stoudamire.


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