Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Your Car Says About You

There have been literally thousands of makes and models of automobiles in production since Henry Ford's first gem back in 1908.  While I won't waste time breaking down every single vehicle, I'll take a look at a few of the popular ones and discover what the car says about the driver (pictures below, since I couldn't get the format to put the words and photos side by side).

Hummer: Screw the environment, bro.  You just love to run stuff over on weekends.  Probably making decent money since it costs you about a dollar to just to go to the grocery.

Ford Pinto:  You're probably dead.  This car was known to blow up upon getting hit from behind at a moderate speed.  So if you are reading this and you drive one, you are probably reading it from heaven.

VW Beetle: Most likely you're a hippy with flowers in the little vase next to the steering wheel.  Wish you grew up in the 70s and smoke lots of pot.  Probably gay if you are a dude and driving one of these.

Blue Lamborghini: You are Young Jeezy.

Rape Van: What do you think this ride says about you?  You probably have your car stocked with pez, tootsie pops and ice cream.  What a creepo.

Corvette: One of two things is going on here, obviously.  Either you are having one of those mid life crises and need to feel 21 again, or  you're not really bringing it in the pants department.

1996 Green Honda Accord: You. Are. A. Legend.  Women want you, men want to be you and Grandma's want you to be their grandsons.  You are one of the strongest, smartest, most handsome people in the world and people flock to you for advice and you get asked for rides more than anyone you know.


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