Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some links to get you through six more weeks of winter

In case you haven't heard yet, this little guy decided we'll have another month and a half of winter.  Not very surprising to me since it's not been above freezing very often around here in 2009.

Any word on what's in the water in Kurt Warner's house?  Look at his numbers from 2002 to now, HUGE improvement.  And check out His wife back then, and now.  Babygame city.

Check out this website when you need to send a fax.  I know, you're thinking what's a fax.  Every once in a while strange people want you to send them a document through a phone.  This site is free for up to two times a day and pretty easy to use.

I wish I would have been at this guy's house for the big game.  In other gluttonous news, I'll take one of these for the road.

I didn't notice a maple syrup smell when I spent time in the greatest city in the world, but apparently it was a big deal and the mystery is now solved.  Look out for a recreation of this incident on Monk next season.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm definitely a butt guy, but these breasts are historic, and slightly racist.

Lily Allen, I think she's a singer or something, but wow she's hot.  Check out all these pics for sure.

Here's your word of the week, pejorative: expressing disapproval; implying contempt.

This video hasn't hit it big on the internets yet, but with the help of you guys, it could be the next "Charlie Bit Me."

After the Black Mamba dropped a Maris on the Knicks at the Garden Monday night, LeBron teased his future fan base by throwing up a trip dub last night, Paul Pierce has decided to do something even bigger to show up the two stars, cure cancer.

We've added a site counter, so please tell all your friends about MITM, so the numbers will go up and ESPN or SI will see that and ultimately ask me to write for them.  Thanks, you guys are great.


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