Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Battle Raps

Shortly after work yesterday, I was struck with a rhyming bug and shot a short rap over to friend of MITM, McMeatball aka Slevy. He hit me back and we went at it 5-6 times. It was too good not to post.

Jesse: Been spittin hotness since cats was rockin asics/drum beat and
fresh rhymes keepin things basic/me and slevy gonna shut down indy
just face it/plus your boy got more whips than a dominatrix

Kevin Masters: Gonna light conseco up like kobe at the gar-den...then
light up the strip like a colt named Mar-vin, its gonna be a party and
you know we go hard gonna be a lotta ruckus gonna need a body guard if
you see us at Kilroys come and sip a iced tea just know you goin home
with slevy and JG but the party don't stop when we hit the sheraton if
you got some friends then girl bring 'em we gotcha in tha
room gonna get to know you now turn around and get on board its a
train choo choo!!!

Jesse: Yeah we on the train, in NYC we call it Amtrak/run your mouth at slevy
you know I got my man's back/ you come to my court I hope you're ready
to jam that/make it rain so much we gotta build a levy/ my game hits
its peak after a few bud heavies/if you don't like my steez i hope you
like slevy's

Kevin Masters: In Maineville there's no train we call it the combine
if you're givin up somethin I gotsta get mine...aint mowin no lawns
aint pickin no corn just burnin up tracks since tha day I was born...I
spit tha troof if ya don't you're a liar you could be smoky bear ima
setchya on fire, now the feds wanna question me see what I know seems
tha beat's been murdered by catchy mick flow...

Jesse: I used to date a tramp, the trick's name was Carmen/now I run w
biddies so hot that they alarmin/you know I'm gully but you're softer
than a charmin/ yeah that's right I said it, you're softer than teepee/ I
got hoes all over Ohio grabbin on my peepee/and when its all over they
beggin me to skeet skeet

Kevin Masters: JG skeet shootin on tha pigeons and ya know what I'm
sayin you'll be down on ya knees butcha won't be prayin/ when you get
a mick and a dego on tha same beat it'll have up dancin just movin ya
feet/ slevys always up cuz I always put it down just don't step up cuz
I'll paintchya like a clown/ all the light's will be on high beamin
got crowd so loud that tha def could here 'em screamin/ got one more
line like to drop if I could you just beat like you were mornin wood

Jesse: Sittin in the chair getting my hair cut by babygames/she
probably a chicken like Raising canes/new chick every night while
you're wifed up pickin baby names/ And I'm the nicest rapper in
Ohio/you other emcees blow guys though/im on the creep with my hat and my
eyes low


If anyone sees Pelle, bust his balls about not writing anything in +/- one year.


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  1. i've never been more proud of the 623! are u really goin to indy tho? you know how i feel about that city!