Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't call it a comeback: The year of the Pelican

I have taken a very long hiatus - veeeerrry long!  I apologize for that, but my new years resolution is to post much more often and give my fellow meatball some help, his back must be killing him.  So I figured, what could be a better way to chime in the new year with a blog about the old one.  I'll first start with the title.  One of my many nicknames growing up was the pelican (it has to do with my last name).  The reason it was the year of the Pelican is because I have always wanted to have a year in sports like this past one, but just figured it was nearly impossible.  I basically hit the sports lottery. 

It starts on February 1, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  An avid Steelers fan witnessed one of the best super bowls in history and I was glad to see my team come out on top.  Any football fan would appreciate that game.  The grand daddy of them all and it was a doozy.  Today, ESPN released what they called the greatest play in super bowl history and oh it was.  Pittsburgh dominated the first 28 minutes of the game, but Arizona was threatening to actually take a halftime lead when Captain Kurt etched himself on the wrong side of the greatest play in super bowl history.  Pittsburgh started the 2nd half the way they started the first - dominating, but like the first half Arizona found them selves less than 2 minutes away from their first super bowl.  Big Ben did what he did all year long and drove the team down the field before connecting with Santonio Holmes in the back of the end zone for what was the game winning TD.  Game Over.  Pittsburgh became Sixburgh.

Then on June 12, 2009 Pittsburgh got their second piece of the pie.  Arguably the best series in the NHL since the lockout Pittsburgh was down 3 games to 2 hosting game 6.  A year before that the Wings hoisted the cup on Pittsburgh's ice and Sid the Kid and company didn't let that happen.  No worries for Detroit fans, they were coming home for game 7.  The unsung hero was Maxime Talbot...who?  He scored 2 goals for the Penguins and Pittsburgh win 2-1.  The final minute of that game summarized the series.  Hard fought and crazy.  After Fluery's saves Pittsburgh now became the City of Champions in 2009.

Finally, what most have been waiting for.  You're probably wondering how I can like 2 teams from Pittsburgh, but not like the Pirates.  Well, my Grandpa was a die hard Yankee fan and that carried over to my pops and he passed it down to me.  So, I grew up a die hard Bombers fan (just ask the other meatball how big of a fan I was).  I bought the MLB package on Directv just for the pinstripes.  From the very beginning this entire season was awesome to watch.  The comeback kids in the beginning to a dominating force from the all-star break to the very end.  This team had it all - class, grit, fun, leadership, youth, power, speed - everything.  Throughout the entire post-season there was never really any doubt who was going to win the World Series.  The Yanks won every series relatively easily.  And, just like the regular season they displayed their combacks and closed the season out by flexing their muscles

2009 was a year to remember for me - I will never forget it.   I can now watch sports a little bit more relaxed!


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  1. You forgot when Pittsburgh whooped up on the Cincinnati Bearcats in football at their home stadium.....