Friday, January 22, 2010

More Raps and a Fresh Video

Jumpoff Video of the Week (Above): Symphonies remix- Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi

TFLN of the week:
(Couldn't bre prouder of the area code!)
(614): Two girls down stairs, two girls up stairs and....

(614): We've got ourselves a situation

Babygame of the Week: You know you're at a historic level of BGness when a story's lead sentence is that you're NOT the hottest woman in the world. You're still in our top 5, Megan Fox.

Raps, Part II
After spending the better part of three hours trying to hang out with The Situation at Columbus' Lodge Bar, I heard 50 Cent's Baby by Me and called the Slevster with an idea for the remix..Have a Baby by me, baby, let's go on welfare. The same premise of the original, except completely opposite. Here are the first few lines we came up with:

Slev Daddy Dolla$:

Girl I’m feelin you yo hips and yo butt/ Girl lets go ta Great Clips ta get our hair cut/ If you hungry girl don’t worry bout it, I gotchu/ Just make sure ya orderin is off the dolla menu/ My girl tell her friends bout all the things I’m financin/ I just go down to check n go for tha pay day advancin Girl I know you impatient but not now don’t start/ Hell just last week I iced you up at K-Mart/ If it’s trips you want I’ll take ya any day/ We could jump on a Greyhound and be on our way/ Oh you wanna shoppin spree? I’ma give you an experience/ I heard at TJ Maxx girl they havin a spring clearance/ If you thinking that l’m lyin grab the keys follow me/ Butcha gotta spot me $5 cuz tha whip’s on E

Girl I'll take you to Fridays after I clip a coupon/ I aint paying full price, what type of sh** is you on?/ strictly French's ma, can't afford Grey Poupon/ so what I got hubbies on the car/ you're one to talk, met your ex hubby at the bar/ I got bad credit so I keep my money in a jar/ but I'll take some out and head to the dollar store/cop a GO-phone for cheap so I can Holla more/and I rock tall tees cuz what I need a collar for?/ on the weekend we can hit the golden coral buffet/ my whip's impounded so get on back of my huff-ay/ I ain't had a steady job since Diddy went by Puff-ay/ like 15 years ago when he was runnin with Biggie/ bought you some gucci knockoffs so you can stay jiggy/ baby call me Kermit, and you could be my Miss Piggy

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