Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meatball Aly's Bachelor Preview

The Bachelor is one of those guilty pleasure shows that is primarily targeted towards women, but in reality has the ability to hook those women’s significant others just as much, if not more, than the women themselves. Sure, sure – you watch because the girls are hot, whatever you say. Whatever excuse you come up with, Monday Night Football has been replaced for the time being with Monday Night Drama – and you know you love it. I am on pins and needles for this week’s fantasy dates, and thought I would give all of you Meatballs out there my thoughts and predictions for this week’s episode. (Editor's Note: Aly correctly predicted Ali NOT coming back, and Gia getting kicked off, but we were unable to run this until after the show due to some email problems).

Positives: Hot little ripped dancer’s bod (did anyone check out those calves during her solo dance for Jake last week?!), seemingly normal family.

Negatives: Clearly not over her divorce/ex. Squeaky voice also has the ability to get really annoying.

Random thoughts: Is the 2nd most compatible with Jake after Ali. If she wins, I wouldn’t be completely satisfied but I would be happy enough to watch next season (and hope Ali is the next Bachelorette).

Positives: NONE

Negatives: EVERYTHING. Brutally unattractive, mildly obsessive with Jake, possibly involved in incest (did you see the way her dad and her look at each other?)

Random thoughts: I can honestly say I will boycott both ABC and the Bachelor/Bachelorette if she wins. There is no possible way, especially after her hometown date, that there is a connection between these 2 people. I personally think ABC is making Jake keep her around to create buzz. She needs to be kicked off as much as Jake needs a sponsorship deal with Kleenex (come on dude, stop crying.)

Predictions (Editor's Note: I promise she wrote this before it happened)

While I am still praying that Ali will come to her senses and make the trip to St. Lucia this week, my gut feels otherwise. I am predicting that ABC shows some awkward moments with ViennaVienna might finally get the boot. Ali will call and say she’s sorry, she made the wrong decision, but in the end she won’t be entered back into the mix for some reason or another. Gia and Jake will finally do it, but she will get sent packing this week and leave Tenley and Vienna in the finals. While I hope I’m wrong and Vienna goes back to Florida and her job at Hooters, with Ali romantically flying to St. Lucia and Jake on their overnight date – trying to make you think that and making the finals with either Tenley or Gia, I don’t have a good feeling. This season has also had many other twists and surprises (Roslyn hooking up with a cameraman?! Both girls on a 2on1 date sent home!?) so we could be in for “the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER.”

Let me know what you think, what you agree with and disagree with. And don’t worry – it’s ok to admit you watch because you’re only watching it for the hot babes.