Monday, February 1, 2010

Recent News

This may or may not be true, for the time being I'm going to say it's not true; however if this is true then it really makes the college basketball regular season that much more worthless.  Pretty much 3/4 of the teams in the power conferences will make the tournament making the regular season and conference tourney's absolutely pointless.

PETA does it again - we may need to start having a weekly rant about PETA's ridiculous views and antics.  Did Phil ever get hurt in the 3,857,476 years this has been going on?  Give me a break.  I guess this is the best alternative.

The LFL (Lingirie Football League) played its first game outside of an arena last week.  The game was played in the L.A Coliseum and the Tempation beat the Seduction 53-0.  But these photos really show that there were no losers in this game.  Thanks John Photography!

This is Britainie Degerbott of the L.A Temptation - she wants roses for V-day send them from and she'll probably give us love and we can start getting that internet money.  Contact Miss Robin for mailing details!

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