Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Reality Show Idea (don't think about stealing it)

Reality shows have been hot for a while and it seems like the people in them get to be sort of famous.  I've often wanted to be sort of a C-List celeb myself since I don't really have any discernible skills (acting, rapping, singing, directing, having money, playing sports or being really really ridiculously good-looking) that would land me on the A-List.  It seems the stars of these shows are dumber and dumber, so I figured I've got a good head on my shoulders and decent enough looks to be on a show myself.  

I don't know how the process of coming up with a mega idea like The Real World or American Idol goes, so I just made one up myself over Green Beer Day earlier this month.  

It's called Bros vs. Hoes and I'm thinking about pitching it to FOX for the summer.  Here's the basic premise:
Think Bromance meets The Bachelor mixed with A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila (minus the bi-sexual part) and add in a touch of Real World/Road Rules Challenge and pinch of The Mole, you get Bros vs. Hoes.

The show starts off with 12 guys and 12 girls all vying for my attention.  The guys want to be my BFF and the girls want to date me.  Each week, I eliminate one babygame and one dude until the final episode when I have to pick one and the old adage of bros before hoes will be put to the test.

Obviously there will be a twist at the end that will knock your goshdarn socks off, but earlier on there will be something sneaky going on as I will have a guy and girl mole.  I'll pick one of my boys and a good platonic female friend or maybe a cousin to get dirt on the contestants.  Since I won't be able to choose one of them at the end, we'll probably go ahead and bump up the opening crew to a baker's dozen of each.  Having these spies in each camp will allow me to find out which broads are in it just for TV and which guys are trying to bang out the female contestants on the low-low.  

The idea is still under development and I've got a few things I'm holding back from the people as not to get you too gassed before the premier.  If you have any tips, please give me some input now because I won't be listening once I get signed by FOX, okay? The main reason I thought of all this is it gets me closer to having my own Wikipedia page, which is really one of my main goals in life.


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