Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WOOOOOOOO Spring Break!

My life has been a boring version of spring break for the last six weeks or so, this is not big deal for me but the college kids are pumped.  

Here's a dope video of a kid mixing 32 songs together on his acoustic guitar in eight minutes, very impressive.

Greatest 99 things on the internet, ever.  How many have you seen?  I'm in the mid 60s, so I guess I've got some work left to do.  

It's Noche Latino night again in the NBA.  Great idea to connect with the Latin-American fanbase, but the jerseys just look silly, don't you think?

Great read by Rick Reilly on how to stretch a Benjamin this year as a sports fan.

Babygame of the week: Diora Baird.

Coming up later this week is the preview of my reality show idea that I came up with over Green Beer Day last week.  If FOX or someone doesn't pick this up, they are out of their minds.


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