Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Nate Davis is Better than Your Nate Davis

No one showed up at Testical Tech's Pro Day except for the Colts and they only went since they were just an hour away.  Nate Davis had a very good career in the quarterback factory known as the MAC but once he got all the hype, he and his team didn't perform as well.  Reminds me of BGSU's Josh Harris more than Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich or The Clocktower.

Just watched "21" and recognized one of the actors from Disturbia.  Aaron Yoo will be 30 by mid-May and he was playing a college kid.  I can get that, he has a young face, but he played a 16-year old in 2007 in Disturbia.  That's a little excessive, LaBeouf was only 21 at the time.

On the heels of the 99 best things on the internet link from last week, here's a list of 100 movies you should see before you die.  I'm at 24, which is an average of one a year for my lifetime, so if I can find a way to become a centenarian, then 

March Madness check-in:  In the official MITM bracket, I've only got 11/16 left, but more importantly in my money bracket, I've got 15/16, missing just the Seminoles.  I've been getting my balls busted by friends, coworkers and radio personalities (I always assume they are talking directly to me) for being too safe and picking mostly chalk.  This makes no sense to me, isn't the point of making picks to win money?  I don't wager if I don't think I have a shot at winning and that's what the point of filling out a bracket is.  It may be fun to have Cleveland State or North Dakota State going to the Sweet 16 on the day before games begin, but it's not fun to have half your bracket done by Saturday morning.  People have said it's not fun to pick the favorites, but I disagree, when a team wins that I picked to win, that makes me right.  I don't know about you, but being right is fun for me, really fun.

Fun video of the week: Love these guys

Creepy audio clips of the week:  Bill O'Reilly reading his 1998 book


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